We received a summons of foreclosure, we answered the summons and were ordered to mediation. What happens next.

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We want to keep our home but have been misled by our lender for nearly 2 years, they advised us to apply for a loan modification but keep dragging it out and now it appears we wont even be qualified after applying 4 times. We will do whatever we need to do to keep our home. Will mediation do us any good?

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Anthony Perrone

Answered On Jan 8, 2013
the next step in this convoluted dance is a mediation which isn't really a true mediation, where you will try to get a loan modification with someone who says they have decision making authority but they really don't. Confused? You need a good foreclosure defense lawyer.

Robert Jason De Groot

Answered On Jan 10, 2013
Go to mediation. It is best to hire an attorney.

Natalie F. Guerra-Valdes

Answered On Apr 17, 2013
Unfortunately, foreclosure mediations are usually not fruitful, especially if you do not have an attorney. Many times, the bank will send a representative to the mediation that does not really have authority to settle the case or make any real settlement offers. I strongly recommend that you retain an attorney to defend this foreclosure action and advise you of your options. Many attorneys on here, including myself, offer free initial consultations. Natalie Guerra-Valdes (954)764-7878 nvaldes@valdeslawfirmpa.com www.valdeslawfirmpa.com