I am on probation for ten years in florida. I'm trying to move to nh who has a max of five years. Will they accept me?

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Charged with aggrivated battery for bar fight. Sentenced to 13 mo prison, 2 years conmunity control, 10 years probation,200 hrs community sevice and aa 3 times a week. I have done the 13 months and a year of community control. I'm planning to go in front of the judge soon to early term the community control. (I have done everything they asked for) all of my family is in nh. My wife and children want to go back home. Will they accept me? NH has a max of 5 years probation. Does that matter with interstate compact? Is there anything I can do to put this behind us? Please help...I'm a good person, hardworker and father who made a mistake.I quit drinking and havn't done anything wrong since.

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Robert Jason De Groot

Answered On Apr 29, 2013
You would need to contact the probation people in NH to find out.