I was a resident of NC and married in NC. I've been seperated since 7-28-11 I live in FL now. How do I file for divorce?

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Answers (3)


Robert Jason De Groot

Answered On May 9, 2013
As long as you have been a resident of Florida for more than six months you can file a divorce here. It would be best to get the other party to agree upon everything that needs to be agreed upon and hire an attorney on an uncontested basis. It will cost much less. The filing fee alone is over $400, and I do uncon dissos for $750 to give you an idea of what to expect. Call for a free consultation.

John Arthur Smitten

Answered On May 10, 2013
You can file in FL

Howard Iken

Answered On May 10, 2013
The requirement to file for divorce in Florida is residency for six months prior to filing. So you do qualify to file in Florida. If you have a minor child living in NC that would possibly change my answer. We have an informative website at www.ForMyDivorce.com