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Banking Questions & Answers
1 Answer | Asked in Banking for Florida on
Q: Someone offered me a job of “Bitcoin trading” where I would act as a middle man between clients.

I would receive money from them, buy bitcoin, then send out the bitcoin to a wallet. I would receive a percentage from these transactions as a fee. Is this illegal in any sorts? Is it potentially fraud or money laundering?

Bruce Alexander Minnick
Bruce Alexander Minnick answered on Jan 15, 2022

This is either a scam aimed at stealing from you or one of the thousands of money-laundering schemes that the Fed, the IRS, the FBI, and the DOJ are now busting.

1 Answer | Asked in Banking, Business Formation and Business Law for Texas on
Q: I want to file my DBA, can I shorten my DBA name or do I have include the entire name?

ie. The Bakery Shop vs The Bakery Shoppe Cupcakes & Treats

Jaime Victor Papa
Jaime Victor Papa answered on Jan 12, 2022

Yes, you can shorten your DBA name or use an entirely different name. I often work with clients to help them with this process.

1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law and Banking for Ohio on
Q: I cashed a fake check I didn't know it looked like a payroll check and it was made out to my bf and I signed it took it

To my bank and they cashed it. I thought of it wasn't real or whatever they would know before they cashed it

Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams answered on Jan 11, 2022

If you have been charged with a crime (which is unclear from your post) you should hire an attorney. If you are wondering if you could be charged with a crime, the answer is yes.

1 Answer | Asked in Banking and Contracts for Maine on
Q: I have a title to a truck with no lein holder on it, bought trk from dealer bank financed, do I own it

Trk is bank financed I've made one payment

Fred Bopp III
Fred Bopp III answered on Jan 9, 2022

I cannot answer your question without more information. For starters, what do you mean by "with no lien holder on it"?

2 Answers | Asked in Banking, Criminal Law, Identity Theft and White Collar Crime for Texas on
Q: Is there someone that can be held responsible for the headache this charge has caused me?

About myself: Besides a dismissal back in 2006 for Driving with Invalid License, and now this case, I have no other criminal history.

Recently, I was arrested due to having a warrant for one charge that was due to 2 hot checks I supposedly wrote at HEB, back in 2018.

I was confused... Read more »

Michael Hamilton Rodgers
Michael Hamilton Rodgers answered on Jan 9, 2022

Generally, a person has to pead guilty or "no contest" (which is the same thing as pleading guilty) in order for them to be placed on probation. And if you pleaded either of those, I'd say you are really out of luck. Then I would ask why you would do such a thing knowing you were not... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Banking for Maryland on
Q: Can I open an UTMA for a 15 year old?

I was under the impression that once a child was over 13 years old, an UTMA could not be established as a savings, it is then a youth savings or joint. What is the case, I can find a lot of information on disbursements of UTMA but nothing on establishing. This is an UTMA unrelated to Title 13

Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley answered on Jan 8, 2022

UTMA stands for Uniform Transfer to Minors Act and is governed by Title 13 of the Estates and Trust Code, so claiming an UTMA account isn't governed by Title 13 will do you no good. There is no age 13 limit. The age of majority in Maryland is 18, so any person under 18 is a... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Education Law, Tax Law, Banking and Business Law for Oklahoma on
Q: I am on a school board for a private school.

Can a parent make a donation to the school (501c3) and then ask for the money back if they move or enroll their child elsewhere?

Charles Watts
Charles Watts answered on Jan 5, 2022

The parent can ask - but there isn't anything requiring the refund. There is no federal law, and most states classify the donation as a gift and therefore no longer the property of the person giving the donation, and thus not required to be returned. However, if the funds were donated with... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Traffic Tickets and Banking for Mississippi on
Q: Trying to get a lawsuit

Lawsuit on Greenville police department, Sheriff department and sexual harassment on ambulance driver

Arthur Calderon
Arthur Calderon answered on Jan 3, 2022

Unfortunately, without more information, there is not enough information to go on. I would highly recommend that you reach out to a lawyer to go over the facts and circumstances of your case, so that you can determine what can be done.

1 Answer | Asked in Estate Planning, Contracts, Banking and Probate for California on
Q: Co-admin of intestate estate removed CA PROB §8500, is estate still liable for assignment of beneficial interest?

My brother took inheritance advances and then stopped communicating with myself and the court; he and his lawyer have since been removed under CA PROB §8500. I am now the only heir to the estate and would like to know if the estate will still be liable for the inheritance advances that my brother... Read more »

Julie King
Julie King answered on Dec 30, 2021

Your question is not entirely clear because you are using some incorrect legal terms. The person in charge of administering an estate (the "Administrator" of the estate) is the person whose job it is to pay the decedent's final bills, ensure the final tax return is filed, and do many... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Government Contracts, Banking, Business Formation and Business Law for California on
Q: I received an email from " Jerome Powell " saying the federal reserve bank has millions o dollars in my name . There

Supposedly their is a large fund from the imf that belongs to me , it's been going on for 4 yrs now . What are the chances it's real ? I have acct numbers docket numbers but where can I validate them

Julie King
Julie King answered on Dec 27, 2021

It's almost certainly SPAM, but a lawyer would need to look at the actual email to tell one way or the other. Look at the email address from which it came. Does it end with .gov or .com? All government addresses should end with .gov. Also, if they ask you for your social security number or... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights, Consumer Law, Products Liability and Banking for Michigan on
Q: Is there any legal action I can take against him?

I opened a bank account and was going to have my boyfriend added as a joint account. We got the paperwork filled out and went to go process it but it didn't process because he is in collections with his separate bank. We were told he needed to pay that debt of 1st before he could be added.... Read more »

Brent T. Geers
Brent T. Geers answered on Dec 20, 2021

Do he clear up the debt with the other bank first? I would contact the bank, then the police to file a report.

2 Answers | Asked in Banking for Florida on
Q: Am I liable??

I got a check for a settlement deposited the same day the next day cleared Iused some founds and the 3 day payer putstop On the check saying they made a mistake.can I be liable for the money spent?

Terrence H Thorgaard
Terrence H Thorgaard answered on Dec 20, 2021

They settled a claim you had against them by cashing their check? Unless I understand you, it appears that you had every right to spend it.

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3 Answers | Asked in Contracts, Family Law, Banking and International Law for Florida on
Q: Bank account in Canada not honoring my contract.

It is joint with rights of survivorship, we specifically wanted to have access to it regardless if one of us died. Now the bank has frozen the accounts after I innocently mentioned to them of her passing since i thought i was in my right. They are saying that there is no rights of survivorship in... Read more »

David Luther Woodward
David Luther Woodward answered on Dec 18, 2021

Read the contract carefully.

The municipal law of Quebec is based on the Code Napoleon (like Louisiana) and cannot easily be compared to the common law of Florida.

I would suggest you hire a lawyer in Montreal (sometimes a notaire can handle this type of problem) and see if it...
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2 Answers | Asked in Contracts, Estate Planning, Family Law and Banking for Florida on
Q: Hello, My mother who passed away 2 years ago and I opened a bank account in Montreal, Canada 8 years ago.

It is joint with rights of survivorship, we specifically wanted to have access to it regardless if one of us died. Now the bank has frozen the accounts after I innocently mentioned to them of her passing since i thought i was in my right. They are saying that there is no rights of survivorship in... Read more »

Ellen S Deutsch Taylor
Ellen S Deutsch Taylor answered on Dec 15, 2021

You will need to contact a Canadian lawyer but I would definitely not rely on information from a bank employee.

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1 Answer | Asked in Banking and Employment Law on
Q: What does the employment law in banking say about the performance improvement process?

How long is the performance improvement process for according to South Africa labor law? And what is the process that constitute an employee to be given a written warning and is it ranked by severity?

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Dec 11, 2021

I'm sorry your question remains open for two weeks. It might be difficult for employment or banking attorneys here to offer their input. This Q & A forum is based largely on U.S. law. Here's a link to the South African Bar Association - If... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Personal Injury and Banking for Nevada on
Q: This is what happened to me. My bank gave out my balances that resulted in 90k taken from my bank. They even called me

That they were aware they made the mistake and were investigating. Never heard back from them. I guess there was a judgment in a civil case that I was completely unaware of.. I mean nothing. They didn't show that I was served, called or anything. Now they did have a curior say that he... Read more »

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Dec 6, 2021

A Nevada attorney could advise best, but your question remains open for two weeks. Since this involves a judgment, a collections attorney would probably have better insight here than a personal injury attorney. There's no guarantee all posts are ultimately picked up, but you could repost and... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Estate Planning and Banking for Georgia on
Q: Bank won't acknowlege POA because it is not certified with court

I have notarized POA on my Dad, drawn up by attorney in 1992. He can no longer sign checks and bank won't honor POA as is. How do you certify it with court? It is a properly notarized document already.

Nina Whitehurst
Nina Whitehurst answered on Dec 3, 2021

Your question cannot be answered without reviewing the POA to try to determine what exactly the bank might be concerned about. It is possible that the POA only becomes effective upon incapacity, and so the bank wants proof of incapacity of your father. It that is the case, you need to get a... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Estate Planning, Banking and Probate for Florida on
Q: What can I doto prove to banks that POA can close CD'S in trust and transfer to trust acc. grantor, bank,trust is in FL

Grantor is in assisted living and can't leave. She has CD'S at many banks held in a grantor trust. She wants POAs to close them and deposit to 1 trust account.

Some of banks are wanting proof of incapacitated from DR. Poa specifically says they can do trust accounts and is not... Read more »

Bruce Alexander Minnick
Bruce Alexander Minnick answered on Dec 1, 2021

1. There is no law or "article" that you can use to "prove them wrong."

2. The banks do NOT have to honor any third-party POA--and especially one being offered under these circumstances.

3. If you will turn this around and look at it from THEIR position you...
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1 Answer | Asked in Banking for Florida on
Q: I opened an account with Chase and deposited my paycheck, days later they closed my account, how do I get my money back
Bruce Alexander Minnick
Bruce Alexander Minnick answered on Nov 29, 2021

You locate and hire a very experienced banking lawyer who knows how to fix stuff like this and pay them to try to help you.

1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law, Banking and White Collar Crime for Michigan on
Q: Hi, I was victim of bank fraud - someone other than me initiated in branch transactions, bank didn't raise flags or stop

Do I have case for bank failure to either protect n secure my banking & personal info, since someone within the "bank" compromised my info, and also either failed to spot n prevent to confirm n varify acct ownership, or someone within that branch conspired to allow these transactions... Read more »

Brent T. Geers
Brent T. Geers answered on Nov 28, 2021

Without more, it's likely the bank will restore to you whatever funds you lost. Depending on what exactly happened, or how much you lost, you could look into pursuing things further.

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