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Car Accidents Questions & Answers
1 Answer | Asked in Car Accidents for Florida on
Q: Wife rear ended someone. She has no assets or job. Is our home safe if we bought it together after our marriage?

We where advised by insurance company that a lawyer might be needed as the person she hit got an attorney. We thought full coverage also had liability for the injured party but we where wrong and we didn't have that coverage. If she is sued, can out home be taken away? She has no job, no bank... Read more »

Stephen Arnold Black
Stephen Arnold Black answered on Jan 16, 2022

OK first of all, if your wife had no liability insurance on her vehicle, the chances that an attorney would pursue this claim against her are almost 0%. Secondly, even if an attorney did pursue this claim, and your only asset is a joint home titled in your names together, that asset cannot be... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Car Accidents for North Carolina on
Q: I was involved in a auto accident. The other driver was charged. His insurance company is asking for a sworn statement
Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Jan 15, 2022

A North Carolina attorney could advise best, but your question remains open for two weeks. Your post did not include a question, but it is clear you are wondering what to do. An attorney in any jurisdiction would probably want to know more before offering any input. Are you represented by an... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Car Accidents and Insurance Defense for South Carolina on
Q: Can you accept an insurance companies total loss offer but buy your car back with a salvage title with a lien on it stil

I owe $8000 on my car they offered $13000 can I get my car back with a salvage title

Randy Bryan Ligh
Randy Bryan Ligh answered on Jan 14, 2022

Most likely you will have to pay off the lien from your insurance proceeds before you can obtain a salvage title. I doubt the lienholder would agree otherwise but you can ask them if they will do so.

1 Answer | Asked in Car Accidents, Gov & Administrative Law and Personal Injury on
Q: Advise the extent to which the Government can be made liable for the injuries suffered by Luna and Major Majid.

Major Ridwan and Major Majid were driving a military car to go for a seminar in Johor Bharu. Due to the slippery condition of the road, Major Ridwan accidentally knocked down an unlucky pedestrian, Luna, causing a severe leg fracture that required her to undergo surgery at the nearby government... Read more »

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Jan 14, 2022

This appears to be something outside the United States. The questions and answers here are generally based on U.S. law, and this looks like it took place in Malaysia. It would make more sense to analyze this under legal theories and laws that would be applicable in Malaysia, and possibly elements... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Car Accidents for Oregon on
Q: in a car accident

I was in a car accident that wasnt my fault. At the time of the accident, i hadnt realized it but my insurance lapsed. I had my damages appraised at just over 1000 dollars. the accident report states that unless the damages are 2500 or more I didnt have to file an accident report. so I didnt.... Read more »

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Jan 13, 2022

An Oregon attorney could advise best, but your post remains open for two weeks. I'm sorry this happened to you. Based on your description of events, you acted reasonably, since you were not aware that the other driver would report injuries. And in many jurisdictions, the reporting thresholds... Read more »

2 Answers | Asked in Car Accidents and Personal Injury for California on
Q: When suing for personal injury (car accident) in small claims court, who do you sue, the insurance, insured, or driver?

The following question is asked with regard to the State of California: As a result of a minor car accident, the injured party, who was not at fault, wishes to take legal actions in order to recoup some money to account for medical bills, pain/suffering etc. After consulting with an attorney, it... Read more »

Theodore Allan Greene
Theodore Allan Greene answered on Jan 13, 2022

Whether you sue in Small Claims Court or Superior Court you would most certainly sue the driver of the car if they were at fault and caused the accident. You might include the owner of the car if for some reason the owner was negligent in allowing the driver to use their car. Sometimes we have... Read more »

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2 Answers | Asked in Car Accidents, Domestic Violence and Small Claims for Illinois on
Q: My ex has my car that i paid for. He has the car because both names are on the car. He totaled it and wants the title.

There is a restraining order so this is why it’s difficult. What do i do about the car situation and the title? I believe he’s getting money from the insurance company.

Chase Van Oostendorp
Chase Van Oostendorp answered on Jan 13, 2022

Is your ex your ex husband? If so, does the Divorce Decree state who retains possession of the vehicle? Is the restraining order against you or your ex?

These factors will have an impact on what your relief may be in this situation.

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1 Answer | Asked in Car Accidents and Tax Law for Illinois on
Q: I got hit from a semi truck from behind . I called the police and he give me the ticket . Developed dvt,head injury back
Charles Candiano
Charles Candiano answered on Jan 13, 2022

The only way that YOU could be ticketed on a rear-end accident is if your disabled car was in the roadway. If this is not the case, you should NOT have received a ticket AND you should be able to recover. Please contact my office and I am happy to answer any questions you may have without any... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Car Accidents for Louisiana on
Q: if settlement checks are written separately with one being to client and the other specifically to the medical company

In regards to settling of an auto accident claim when you are presented with the checks 1 is written to me and another to the medical company alone to satisfy the lien for the amount I owe them would my represented attorney also add that portion to the check written to me when determining his... Read more »

Douglas Lee Bryan
Douglas Lee Bryan answered on Jan 12, 2022

It would depend on the wording of the contract between the client and lawyer. Most contracts state that the fee is a percentage of "all amounts recovered." Therefore, the fee would be a percentage of the total settlement, including the lien, in most cases. Many times, the attorney will... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Car Accidents and Wrongful Death for Georgia on
Q: If my car get hit from behind and a passenger of my car dies can I be charged with anything

My car broke down in the road and my passengers and I got hit and 1 died

Michael W. Horst
Michael W. Horst answered on Jan 12, 2022

The short answer is maybe. If the car breaking down was sudden and unexpected to the extent it was impossible to avoid stopping and temporarily leaving your disabled vehicle in the roadway, then I do not see any charges being filed. However, if you had reason to know the car was not roadworthy... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Contracts, Car Accidents and Insurance Defense for Colorado on
Q: I got insurance last month. totaled car. insurance pmt late. They're cancelling me in the middle of my claim. Can they?

My payment is late. I will be able to pay on my payday (in 5 days). They said it will be cancelled on Jan 4.. Can they cancel me before finishing my claim?

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Jan 11, 2022

A Colorado attorney could advise best, but your question remains open for four weeks. As a general matter nationwide, the issue is generally whether the policy was in effect at the time of the accident, barring any special conditions stipulated by the carrier. Carriers can extend grace periods to... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Traffic Tickets and Car Accidents for Georgia on
Q: If I was at fault for an accident and wasn't insured, can the victim take my assets to pay damages?
Morris  Margulis
Morris Margulis answered on Jan 11, 2022

Yes, they can sue you, and if they win, they can take collections actions against you to collect on their judgment.

If they have uninsured motorist insurance coverage, their insurance company can sue you, as well.

If you would like assistance putting yourself in the best possible...
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1 Answer | Asked in Products Liability and Car Accidents for Florida on
Q: A driver hit my car at my job's parking lot and he was driving a rental. Is the rental company supposed to fixed my car?
Linda Liang
Linda Liang answered on Jan 11, 2022

No. The renter's insurance company. The renter should have insurance covering the rental car. You should look to that direction.

1 Answer | Asked in Traffic Tickets, Car Accidents and Sexual Harassment for New Jersey on
Q: Can I sue?

I was recently just on a zoom meeting for a court case dealing with my reckless driving. And during the court case there a bunch of other people on the meet with their own cases. And one if the men showed himself going to the bathroom on camera and his private parts were showing. I am also 17 years... Read more »

H. Scott Aalsberg Esq.
H. Scott Aalsberg Esq. answered on Jan 10, 2022

If you saw it the court probably saw it and will probably take care of the matter for you by reporting it to the police.

1 Answer | Asked in Car Accidents for Missouri on
Q: Who is liable When a vehicle passes another vehicle to avoid an accident and the other car hits the passing vehicle?

A vehicle pulled out of a bar parking lot on the highway in front of another vehicle traveling 55 mph. After suddenly slamming on the brakes was not efficient enough to completely stop, The driver decided To pass the vehicle to avoid an accident. While successfully crossing the dotted line that... Read more »

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Jan 8, 2022

A Missouri attorney could advise best, but your question remains open for two weeks. Most attorneys would want to see available evidence before offering an opinion - police reports, video, eyewitness testimony, skid marks, points of impact on vehicles, etc. However, as a general rule applied in... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Car Accidents for Tennessee on
Q: I was involved in a hit and run. The other driver doesn't have car insurance and was driving with a revoked license.

(per the crash report)...what is the best way to go about having him pay for my car's damages? The police have all of his information.

Mr. James Charles Wright
Mr. James Charles Wright answered on Jan 7, 2022

Contact your insurance company. If you have auto coverage, you likely have uninsured motorist coverage.

1 Answer | Asked in Car Accidents for California on
Q: I was in a car accident a month ago, the other driver was at fault. We both are insured through the same company,

My insurance covered my car rental, but the fees out of pocket were $185. And my car payment was $400 and yet I was without my car for almost the whole month, am I entitled to be reimbursed this money from the other driver or the insurance company?

Dale S. Gribow
Dale S. Gribow answered on Jan 6, 2022

more info would be helpful.

you are entitled to any out of pocket loss.

they will argue about the car payment... but you will counter that you had a right to have a car rental for the period of time and any other out of pocket loss.

i suspect they would even pay you...
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2 Answers | Asked in Car Accidents for Pennsylvania on
Q: I was in a hit by a car while walkikng, the driver fled. my car insurance stoped paying med bills.

I recieved a letter from car insurance saying they closed my claim. I am still under doctor care. I dont understand why my uninsured/underinsured doesnt cover.

Mark Scoblionko
Mark Scoblionko answered on Jan 6, 2022

Your medical bills would be covered first by the medical coverage under your automobile policy, and thereafter by your health insurance. You may have exhausted your medical benefits under your auto policy. If so, your medical provider will need a copy of that exhaustion letter.

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1 Answer | Asked in Car Accidents, Insurance Bad Faith and Insurance Defense for Louisiana on
Q: I was in an accident (12/17) and my insurance won't cover it. What are my options?

I got into a wreck on the afternoon of 12/17. Fault wasn't determined at the scene, and no tickets were issued. I didn't immediately file a claim with my insurance due to stress and mental health issues (it was the 5-yr anniversary of my dad's death). I also needed to get a microSD... Read more »

Randy Bryan Ligh
Randy Bryan Ligh answered on Jan 6, 2022

You should contact an accident/injury lawyer in your area to specifically discuss your matter-----most attorneys who receive calls and inquiries about this subject matter will provide a free/complimentary consultation.

1 Answer | Asked in Car Accidents, Civil Litigation and Small Claims for Arkansas on
Q: Does interest "per annum" mean it's everyday?

The plaintiffs attorney is adding 10% interest every single day, causing my debt to double in just a couple years. Is this legal? Can he do that? He says that he legally can do this in AR

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Jan 4, 2022

An Arkansas attorney could advise best, but your question remains open for two weeks. In general usage, the term "per annum" means yearly or annually. But that doesn't reconcile with the 10% daily interest you also mention in the description.

It sounds like you are trying to...
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