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Divorce Questions & Answers
1 Answer | Asked in Child Custody, Child Support and Divorce for Arizona on
Q: I have a question. I want to divorced my husband I have 3 kids and I don t have a place to go live can he pay for us.

Been married for almost 13 years just started working 3 years ago but I won't make it to pay rent.

Stephen M Vincent
Stephen M Vincent answered on Jan 15, 2022

Yes, it's possible. You will need to ask for spousal maintenance, and will likely need to ask for temporary spousal maintenance. Whether or not a Court will actually order spousal maintenance is a different question and probably only be answered after a consultation.

1 Answer | Asked in Divorce and Immigration Law for California on
Q: If I marry a man whom has dept bills from his previous marriage, divorced in 2012 can those collection agencies,

Come after property that's in my name?

Kevin L Dixler
Kevin L Dixler answered on Jan 15, 2022

This is a collection and marriage based question that has less to do with immigration unless he will petition you and you may need a joint sponsor.

It will depend upon your State’s credit card laws concerning debt.

1 Answer | Asked in Child Support, Divorce and Family Law for Michigan on
Q: Hi, If you are married and child support end, what if you get a divorce. Can you get child support back from him?
Brent T. Geers
Brent T. Geers answered on Jan 15, 2022

Your question is a little confusing. Are you saying there was a support order in place that ended, but you were married the whole time? A subsequent divorce would not entitle you to recover child support that was ordered and paid.

1 Answer | Asked in Divorce for Colorado on
Q: In Colorado is a spouse entitled to monies from the SBA covid business loan in a divorce?

The business is solely mine. I received a sba loan for covid in July. Im am divorcing and am curious if he can take my money in the divorce.

Sabra M. Janko
Sabra M. Janko answered on Jan 15, 2022

The loan can only be used for certain business purposes and is not marital property to be divided in a dissolution.

2 Answers | Asked in Divorce for Kentucky on
Q: Can I get a divorce changed to an annulment because my ex husband tricked me into marriage and I didn’t know he was impo

I didnt Know he was impotent before we were married. He said we would travel and he wanted to take me so many places. He didn’t. He treated me like a maid instead of a wife. He filed for a divorce without asking me and two policemen brought the papers to my front door. We promised each other we... Read more »

Anna Aleksander
Anna Aleksander answered on Jan 14, 2022

You can file a response and a counter-petition requesting an annulment. Impotence is probably a good ground on which to base a request for an annulment. However, strict statute of limitations typically apply in annulments. Consult with a lawyer.

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2 Answers | Asked in Divorce and Immigration Law on
Q: If a husband commits a crime, and the wife wasn't involved but still gets affected by it, why is that?

My mother and father seem to be in a hassle at the moment, my father committed a crime for trying to cross drugs and got sentenced to jail for about 8 months. At the time my mother was responsible for us but was not involved in anything that my father had done, she was taking care of us. However,... Read more »

Alexander Ivakhnenko
Alexander Ivakhnenko answered on Jan 14, 2022

You hit the nail on the head: if a family member was deeded an accomplice of a criminal enterprise that may result in

civil and criminal penalties.

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1 Answer | Asked in Divorce, Family Law, Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice for Oklahoma on
Q: What about repeated text communications?

from paternal cousin who is going thru an alleged agreed mediated divorce with my maternal second cousin [aka “daughter”] - anything you can do about his narcissistic behavior besides ignore it? Yep. Wrap your head around that one. Lol

Peter N. Munsing
Peter N. Munsing answered on Jan 13, 2022

you would want to consult an Oklahoma attorney, but my read would be 1) this is one divorcing person with another--let their attorneys handle it; if they have decided not to use attorneys, be aware that the person texted is getting free information, ammunition possibly. Why stop the flow. (In... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Divorce for Massachusetts on
Q: inheritance placed in a joint account considered marital property in a divorce?

Mother-in-law passed away Jan 2020. Wife had inheritance but did not receive the money until Dec 2021 but placed in a joint account with me. Wife asked for a divorce in Nov 2021 but we are not yet divorced. Is the inheritance, now in a joint account, considered marital property?

Lillian J. LaRosa
Lillian J. LaRosa answered on Jan 13, 2022

In Massachusetts all assets are subject to property division and this would include the inheritance recently received by your wife. Depending upon the statutory application however, which includes length of marriage, marital contributions, relative need, ability to acquire future capital, age,... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Divorce for Louisiana on
Q: My wife filed for a divorce I have no income going for my ssi can I get allomoney
Ellen Cronin Badeaux
Ellen Cronin Badeaux answered on Jan 13, 2022

Yes. Contacr Southeast Louisiana Legal Services.

2 Answers | Asked in Child Custody, Divorce, Domestic Violence and Family Law for Georgia on
Q: In a divorce - if there has been domestic violence or family violence perpetrated by one spouse and his family….

And parental alienation by the husband and paternal grandparents who is manipulating the child against his mother. Is it likely the mother will get full physical custody and the father supervised visitation? Is it more likely the mother will get the home? This is in Georgia USA

Joshua Schiffer
Joshua Schiffer answered on Jan 12, 2022

Its really hard to do a thorough analysis without full context, but Domestic Violence always grabs the attention of the Judge when looking at Family Law Cases.

At the same time, judges will almost always ensure both parents get substantial time with the child regardless of the criminal...
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1 Answer | Asked in Divorce for Ohio on
Q: I bought a motorcycle my boyfriend moved out and took it We are both on the title. I paid for it.
Joseph Jaap
Joseph Jaap answered on Jan 12, 2022

Based on the vehicle title, you are equal co-owners unless you have a written agreement signed by him that says something different. You would have to sue him to get your half of the value of the motorcycle paid back. But he could claim that your payment for the motorcycle was a gift to him. Use... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Child Support, Divorce, Family Law and Immigration Law for Texas on
Q: Hi. I’m a lawful permanent resident. I’m in Texas and currently needing advise with regards to divorce/child support.

I’m a lawful perm resident. I came along with my two minor kids to usa on a k1/k2 visa. My husband signed both ai-134 and I 864.We also had a child during our marriage who is now 3.He moved out after we experienced ongoing issues regarding abuse towards myself and my children.We have been... Read more »

Kevin L Dixler
Kevin L Dixler answered on Jan 12, 2022

More information is needed, perhaps, but this is likely more of a divorce question than immigration. You are a lawful permanent resident, not a conditional resident, correct? You should file for citizenship by naturalization, since you seem to have been a lawful permanent resident/conditional... Read more »

2 Answers | Asked in Divorce for New Jersey on
Q: My exhusband defaulted on agreement made in my divorce papers . Do I have to pay attorney fees to take him back to court
Richard Diamond
Richard Diamond answered on Jan 11, 2022

Presumably, there is a provision in the agreement that says that if he defaults in the payment of a financial obligation owed to you and you take him back to court for enforcement of that payment obligation, the court has the right to award you legal fees for the necessity of the retention of... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Child Custody and Divorce for Louisiana on
Q: If one party check into a mental health clinic, will that affect custody?

If one parent is admitted to the hospital due to mental health/anxiety needs, will that have a negative affect on said parent? Will they appear unfit?

Ellen Cronin Badeaux
Ellen Cronin Badeaux answered on Jan 11, 2022

Admission to treatment facility for mental health issue can be used by other parent to change custody.

2 Answers | Asked in Divorce, Estate Planning and Family Law for Georgia on
Q: My husband received 100K from his Stepfather in form of a publicly traded company stock.

Originally it was owed by his Father. When he died it went to his Mother and when she died it went to his Stepfather. My husband didn’t get along with his Stepfather so I was surprised when his Stepfather gave him stock. Now that my husband and I are divorcing, is the 100K considered... Read more »

Regina Irene Edwards
Regina Irene Edwards answered on Jan 10, 2022

No one can give you an exact answer, but it is possible that the money was converted to marital property when it was placed into the joint account. Speak with an attorney about your case so they can review your documents and give you specific advice.

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2 Answers | Asked in Child Custody and Divorce for Georgia on
Q: Husband wont sign divorce papers

I've had him served twice and I also served him. He is currently in a Texas State Prison. When he finally responded he wrote on the top sheet " absolutely not unacceptable " signed it and sent it back. He has been in and out of Texas prison system for 8 years. Drug related charges... Read more »

Robbie Levin
Robbie Levin answered on Jan 10, 2022

If your husband won't sign paperwork, you can still get divorced. You will just need to file the appropriate paperwork and have the Court sign off on the divorce. It may also require a short court hearing. I would suggest obtaining a lawyer to help you through the process.

For more...
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1 Answer | Asked in Divorce for Virginia on
Q: Is this a breach of attorney client confidentiality in the state of Va?

I am getting divorced. Separated 5yrs. 3 yrs ago I dated a guy who stalked me when we broke up. My soon to be husband hired the lawyer I used for my PO. This lawyer has in writing told his client details of my po case. I’ve read it. Stuff that he only knows bc he represented me. Stuff my husband... Read more »

Sonja Aoun
Sonja Aoun answered on Jan 10, 2022

Have you notified the attorney that you did not consent to sharing this information? If not, you should do so and ask that he cease representing your husband. Or, you can ask your attorney to make this request for you. Your husband's lawyer should then withdraw from the case.

2 Answers | Asked in Divorce for Tennessee on
Q: My ex is asking for transcripts from my cell phone, Facebook, Discord, and others in a divorce. I don't want to comply

He was abusive and controlling, I have no proof, no kids, only a house. I walked away with nothing and want nothing. What happens if I do not give him these transcripts?

Bennett James Wills
Bennett James Wills answered on Jan 10, 2022

Was it a formal discovery request? Discovery is a complicated process. You may have grounds to object in your discovery responses. But ultimately, if the court orders you to turn over the documents then you would have to or face sanctions. Same goes if you completely ignore the requests. You would... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Divorce for Florida on
Q: Married and the house we live in was n his name then changed it to his trust . In the divorce do I get any of the sale

He is planning to sell and leave me without nothing, can he do this since it’s in the trust name after the marriage?

Rand Scott Lieber
Rand Scott Lieber answered on Jan 10, 2022

Generally speaking you accrue a marital interest in the home during the intact marriage. He may be entitled to a non-marital portion depending on the specific facts, like whether he owned the house before you married. You would also need to carefully review the trust documents which you say were... Read more »

2 Answers | Asked in Divorce for Georgia on
Q: Going through a divorce after 13 years of marriage. The house is in both of our names. I got angry and kicked a hole

In the wall.. he's trying to tell me I can't have the house because of it and that the judge will make me leave. Is that true

Regina Irene Edwards
Regina Irene Edwards answered on Jan 10, 2022

The hold is not relevant to division of property. However, there may be cause for a restraining order and removal if violence is occurring. Speak to an attorney now about your options.

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