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Florida Traffic Tickets Questions & Answers
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Q: Where does a open container have to be placed in a vehicle to constitute probable cause for search of that vehicle?
Richard W. Noel
Richard W. Noel answered on Mar 15, 2022

The short answer is "in plain view." If it's in the trunk or under the seat, the officer isn't going to find it at a glance, to get probable cause.

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Q: Can I get my license reinstated if I pay one of my 3 fines with proof insurance?

I was pulled over speeding with a suspended license and no proof of insurance. I have received 3 fines and my license was taken away. Will I be able to reinstate my license if I show proof of insurance at Traffic court and pay one of the fines?

Terrence H Thorgaard
Terrence H Thorgaard answered on Feb 14, 2022

I don't believe you have to pay any of the fines to get your license reinstated; you just have to show proof of insurance. But you might want to review the statute to be sure:

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Q: What can I do? Suing GM will take years.My cars totaled price will never get me close to a reliable vehicle I need 4work

Feb 2nd I was doing the speed limit of 65mph around 7pm which was dark out. Upon reaching the top of a hill instantly saw a vehicle stopped in my lane w/out hazards on and rear ended them. I Driving 2010 Buick Enclave w/zero open recalls.but upon impact my seatbelt didn’t lockup nor did a single... Read more »

Domenic J. Celeste
Domenic J. Celeste answered on Feb 12, 2022

Firstly, do you have your own car insurance? If so, you need to report this accident to them immediately. If you have car insurance, hopefully they can pay the cost to replace your vehicle, although, I'm sure, it won't be much considering the year of the vehicle. Did the police come to... Read more »

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Q: I was pulled over 3 weeks ago and lost the 2 tickets I received. They are due next week and are not posted online yet.

The deputy also searched my car but found nothing. A week earlier he yelled out to me "no meth?" while I was going to church with a friend. He was not in uniform at the time and in an unmarked car. He had also raided my house 7 months earlier and as a result, I am now on probation. He has... Read more »

Terrence H Thorgaard
Terrence H Thorgaard answered on Feb 11, 2022

I don't see a question here. If you lost the tickets, call the sheriff's office for the information.

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Q: Where can I find the Florida law regarding what is allowed to be displayed on the front bumper of a vehicle?

I have my old vanity plate from New Mexico that I would like to display on the front bumper of my car here in Florida. I've been told that this is legal as long as it is not currently registered, however, an ex-police officer I know said he would pull me over. If the old plate is legal to put... Read more »

Terrence H Thorgaard
Terrence H Thorgaard answered on Jan 19, 2022

Florida Statute 316.605 Licensing of vehicles.— provides that:

"(1) Every vehicle, ... shall be licensed ... and shall,... display the license plate or both of the license plates assigned to it by the state, ... . Nothing shall be placed upon the face of a Florida plate except as...
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Q: Is it illegal for an HOA to boot your car if it is properly parked in designated area but just not registered with HOA

Own property, Car was properly parked in designated area, Car is registered as an antique, booting company is private, HOA gave 3 notices, car doesn’t exceeded owner maximum number of vehicles to be stored (2)

Randy Bryan Ligh
Randy Bryan Ligh answered on Jan 14, 2022

Your need to review your subdivision's governing documents and see what it says as to the HOA's right to boot under these circumstances. If the governing documents are confusing and vague, then I recommend that you contact a HOA attorney to review them and give you a legal opinion.

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Q: I was suppose to go to court for a traffic ticket, and i told the court i do not have any transportation or have enough

money to get transportation to court. Is there anything i can do.

Erik A. Perez
Erik A. Perez answered on Dec 7, 2021

Nowadays most if not all traffic pre-trial conferences or trials are done via Zoom virtual conference. Alternatively, they may be done by dial in. Rarely, at least in the Florida counties I practice in, they are done in person. I would recommend contacting the Court's judicial assistant and... Read more »

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Q: Can I fight a FL ticket written to the wrong person?

My son caused a fender bender with no damage done. The ticket was written to the other driver who was not at fault. Does he HAVE to call the officer to correct it or can he get out of it due to technicality?

Michael  Mayoral
Michael Mayoral answered on Nov 29, 2021

The best advice I can give is that neither of you should contact the officer and you should hire a traffic ticket attorney for your son and explain the situation to them.

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Q: How do I reinstate a license if I have a new license in another state?

I got a DUI in Washington State in June 2021. I requested a licensing hearing per the advice of my lawyer, so my license was not officially suspended until 9/27/21. In the meantime, I relocated to my home state of FL and obtained a license here on 8/27/21. I just checked, and my license is valid in... Read more »

Terrence H Thorgaard
Terrence H Thorgaard answered on Nov 11, 2021

You probably should ask that question of the lawyer who advised you to request a licensing hearing in Washington.

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Q: I was stopped by an officer 2-3 blocks over before he throwed his lights on. What can I do?

Is there anything I can do as taking this to court, because the area he stated I was speeding at was not accurate and had the wrong street names on the ticket where I was stopped at !

Terrence H Thorgaard
Terrence H Thorgaard answered on Nov 2, 2021

If you contest the ticket, that would be "taking this to court". Instructions should be on the ticket.

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Q: What happens if you give evidence without been asked to swear in by raise your right hand.

I requested a hearing for a traffic ticket,

but I was not swear in. Neither was the police officer.

Terrence H Thorgaard
Terrence H Thorgaard answered on Oct 19, 2021

In general, and without knowing what happened at the hearing, your talking to the judge or other persons in a court hearing doesn't necessarily mean you are testifying (or giving evidence, in other words). But if you aren't put under oath, you can't later be prosecuted for perjury.

2 Answers | Asked in Criminal Law, DUI / DWI, Traffic Tickets and Civil Rights for Florida on
Q: If pulled over driving, when required to show a driver's license, may I refuse to let the officer run a check on it?

My friend and I are debating a video in which a man in a parking lot, dumping garbage from his car into a dumpster, showed an officer his license. When the officer went to run the license for the man's info, he refused. He said he's a lawyer and knows his rights and the officer may not... Read more »

Michael  Mayoral
Michael Mayoral answered on Oct 7, 2021

Yes, you have to show your license, and yes the police officer can run your DL in their system. The statute is below. Pro-tip: don't pick up an arrest trying this theory out.

322.15 License to be carried and exhibited on demand; fingerprint to be imprinted upon a citation.—...
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1 Answer | Asked in DUI / DWI, Real Estate Law, Traffic Tickets and Car Accidents for Florida on
Q: My DL was taken from me by a lawyer in 1994. I was in a car accident and it was my fault. DUI. And I can't pay

Is there a statue of limitation on this

Charles M.  Baron
Charles M. Baron answered on Sep 14, 2021

Have you contacted the Fla. Dept. of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to ask what you can do to reinstate your DL? Generally, DL suspension for failure to pay a money judgment arising from a car accident is up to three years. The statute of limitations is irrelevant - that's about deadlines... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law and Traffic Tickets for Florida on
Q: What is the penalty I will most likely get for driving without registration in Florida

This was my first time I have a clean record

Henry George Ferro
Henry George Ferro answered on Aug 29, 2021

depends on the judge you have and the all likelihood fines and court costs.

1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law, Real Estate Law, Traffic Tickets and Landlord - Tenant for Florida on
Q: Can a resident of a MH park be charged with trespassing for walking through an easement that belongs to the park?

I friend of mine is being threatened with eviction for trespassing on an easement that belongs to the park and is there to allow access to another piece of land. On some maps and map apps it even shows as being a street.

Barbara Billiot Stage
Barbara Billiot Stage answered on Jul 17, 2021

You should not be soliciting legal advice for your friend, no matter how good your intentions are. That would be practicing law without a license and a felony.

Your friend needs to consult with a real estate attorney to review the plats and easements. The simple and less expensive option...
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1 Answer | Asked in Car Accidents and Traffic Tickets for Florida on
Q: Can I get into trouble for almost hitting a pedestrian and almost causing an accident at the same time?

I had the green light at an intersection, but not an arrow. As soon as a group of cars clear the road, I saw an opportunity to turn left, but I did not fully pay attention to the intersection. A high school student was crossing the road and didn't see whether she had the crosswalk light or not... Read more »

Brandon Labiner
Brandon Labiner answered on Jun 1, 2021

I am uncertain if you are worried about the footage being used for a personal injury lawsuit by the pedestrian or as grounds for giving you a traffic ticket. To answer your questions directly, though, yes, they could turn over the footage. It seems unlikely that the driver would turn over the... Read more »

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Q: I live in Florida... however during my travel through 19 states over the summer I received a speeding citation in MN

Well I received the speeding ticket in Minnesota a while ago I was unable to pay it until I had received a letter stating that my license will be suspended... now that I have paid the ticket the Lee County clerk of courts is telling me I need a letter with a signature on it or with the official... Read more »

Terrence H Thorgaard
Terrence H Thorgaard answered on Apr 19, 2021

Ask the Lee County Clerk of Court if a PDF of such a letter will be sufficient. If so, have Minnesota email such a signed letter to you and show that to the Lee Clerk.

1 Answer | Asked in Traffic Tickets for Florida on
Q: Can I beat my careless driving ticket in court?

Im 33 years old and this is my first accident. I have had 1 speeding ticket about 10 years ago. I was on a 2 lane, passable road. I was behind a woman on her phone, obviously distracted and not knowing where she was going. She was going 10-15 miles an hour on a 30 mph road and kept stopping every... Read more »

Terrence H Thorgaard
Terrence H Thorgaard answered on Apr 16, 2021

From what you indicate, it seems like you have case. Give it a shot if you want.

1 Answer | Asked in Traffic Tickets for Florida on
Q: What are the statute of limitations in the state of Virginia for unpaid speeding tickets?
Terrence H Thorgaard
Terrence H Thorgaard answered on Mar 12, 2021

You should ask that question here:

2 Answers | Asked in Family Law and Traffic Tickets for Florida on
Q: Do you need to report closed civil traffic cases on Notice of Related Cases?

I am filling out a "Notice of Related Cases" in relation to having my name legally changed. All I have on my record is a pair of civil traffic cases, but they are both closed cases. I verified they are closed through Duval County's CORE Website.

Do I still need to list those... Read more »

Vanessa Vasquez de Lara
Vanessa Vasquez de Lara answered on Feb 28, 2021

The Notice of Related Cases is for cases that are related. For example: if there is a child support case and a divorce case. Closed traffic cases are not related to a name change.

Good luck!

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