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Oklahoma Immigration Law Questions & Answers
1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law and Immigration Law for Oklahoma on
Q: Would i be qualified for the dignity act bill if it passed? i have a misdemeanor of illegal possession of vapor product

i was 15 when i got the charge and i am now 18. the requirement says, “They must comply with all federal and state laws, pass a criminal background check” would i fail the criminal background check or does that only apply to felonies?

Alexander Ivakhnenko
Alexander Ivakhnenko answered on Feb 17, 2022

If you have a personal criminal record it will show during any state or federal criminal background check. Look into a possibility of expunging it under the state law if legally applicable with a local licensed attorney.

1 Answer | Asked in Immigration Law for Oklahoma on
Q: Hi. I am an F-1 student and i have pending i485 too. I filled i765 and i131 along with my i485. Can i apply for OPT too?

If my OPT gets rejected can I stay in USA based on pending i485? For how long

Alexander Ivakhnenko
Alexander Ivakhnenko answered on Oct 20, 2021

You need to consult directly with an experienced immigration attorney even remotely as any incorrect action on your part may affect your immigration benefits or adjustment of status. Do not delay as acting blindly would be rather foolhardy.

1 Answer | Asked in Immigration Law for Oklahoma on
Q: Hi please I need a little clarification on this.

I received my greencard today in the mail, me and my wife got married 5/2/2018, I had my 1-130 petition filed June 2018, and my visa was approved in March 2021,I got admitted into the state on 3/20/2021 , so today I received my greencard in the mail and it say CR1 and it’s a 2years GC, my... Read more »

Kevin L Dixler
Kevin L Dixler answered on Jun 28, 2021

The USCIS made a mistake. You may want to call the 800 number to request an ADIT appointment at your local USCIS Field Office, but that can take a while. You may instead prefer to file form I-90 to ask for the correction, and send a copy of the card. However, it is unclear whether the lockbox... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Immigration Law for Oklahoma on
Q: I am a Permanent Resident, if i apply for unemployment will my Sponsor be affected in any way (have to pay anything,ect.

& will it affect me wanting to sponsor my mom when i become a citizen?

Agnes Jury
Agnes Jury answered on May 7, 2021

At this time Unemployment benefits are not considered public charge as they are considered to be earned benefits through the person’s employment so your sponsor will not have to repay those to the government. Hopefully this rule will not change before you apply to sponsor your mom. Best wishes!

1 Answer | Asked in Immigration Law for Oklahoma on
Q: Would an EB-4 Visa work for Christian Pakistani Refugee (UNHCR) (wife deceased) who fled Pakistan 6 years ago from?

He fled under life threat with his 4 adult children (all over 21) and 1 married adult child with 2 children. All 9 persons are living in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. My desire is to bring them all to work in the US. but thinking maybe get the Dad in and then use him to help bring the rest over. 2... Read more »

Hector E. Quiroga
Hector E. Quiroga answered on Apr 12, 2021

You could try. Immigration through employment is difficult. Your best bet would be to consult with an immigration attorney who has experience with employment based immigration to see what options are available.

1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law, Immigration Law and Juvenile Law for Oklahoma on
Q: Is the charge “unlawful possession of vapor products” a drug related offense? and if so would it disqualify me from H.R6

I don’t think H.R 6 2021 is a law yet but would it disqualify me? i only had a vape cartridge and got charged with unlawful possession of vapor products because im a juvenile. it might have been thc in the cartridge but they put vapor products so would this mean its a drug related offense or is... Read more »

Charles Watts
Charles Watts answered on Mar 20, 2021

The erm "vapor products" shall have the same meaning as provided in the Prevention of Youth Access to Tobacco Act.

Therefore this is the same as possession of tobacco products (ie cigarettes, cigars, etc...)

Failure to pay the fine associated with it results in suspension of DL.

1 Answer | Asked in Immigration Law for Oklahoma on
Q: Necesito un abogado para asuntos de migración
Adan Vega
Adan Vega answered on Mar 13, 2021

Ud. nos puede llamar a nuestro bufete de abogados de lunes a viernes para discutir los detalles de su caso. El número telefónico es 713-527-9606. También puede enviar un correo electrónico a :

El abogado principal es Adan G.Vega que es reconocido por la barra de...
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1 Answer | Asked in Immigration Law and Juvenile Law for Oklahoma on
Q: Can a judge know where you where born if you are a juvenile? and if so would he deport you if you weren’t here legally?

Even if you are under the age of 18 and its your first offense and its a misdemeanor?

Kevin L Dixler
Kevin L Dixler answered on Mar 12, 2021

More information is needed. Which court? The County Court cannot deport you, but DHS Officers may take action. A local police officer is usually not given any control.

The answer may be yes, but it depends upon the type of judge! Is this an immigration judge?

Note that a person...
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1 Answer | Asked in Immigration Law for Oklahoma on
Q: I'm petitioning my parents. My question is should I worry about a drug test in oklahoma.
Agnes Jury
Agnes Jury answered on Jan 4, 2021

I'm assuming you are a US citizen and you are the one that would test positive for drug use. If those assumptions are correct, then you do not have to worry about being administered a drug test by USCIS. BUT if it is your parents that you are worried about testing positive for drug use then... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Immigration Law for Oklahoma on
Q: Bf was deported in 90s but came back again illegally, been together over 10yrs and have an 8yo. Will getting married

Trigger another deportation? Will the previous one still be an issue if it’s 20+ yo? He has no record other than that

Stephen Arnold Black
Stephen Arnold Black answered on Jun 5, 2020

Did he enter the country legally the last time he returned?

2 Answers | Asked in Immigration Law for Oklahoma on
Q: What is the process for marriage if one spouse is a U.S. citizen and the other is an illegal immigrant from Mexico?

As far as I know my boyfriend was brought over through his parents visa as a child, they overstayed their allotted length and he is now 19. We want to get married to get him his citizenship. They came by sea.

Stephen Arnold Black
Stephen Arnold Black answered on Mar 3, 2020

If you are a US citizen and your boyfriend entered legally, despite that he is now out of status, then after you get married he has a case. Discuss with an attorney anywhere in the USA for representation.

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1 Answer | Asked in Immigration Law for Oklahoma on
Q: I want to bring my parents and underage brother to the USA and need to know if they can come at the same time.

I am a USA citizen, 32 years old. My income is good and I am capable financially to sponsor my family to come to the USA. I have 3 family members in Russia: my dad, 73 y.o., mom 53 y.o. and my little brother who is 14 y.o.

Am I amble to sponsor all of them for a family based immigration... Read more »

Allen C. Ladd
Allen C. Ladd answered on Jan 27, 2020

Here's a potential plan to discuss with the immigration lawyer you will need to see about this:

(1) File a permanent residence case for one of your parents. (BTW, parents of a US citizen are your "immediate relatives," not first preference. There is no waiting line or...
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1 Answer | Asked in Immigration Law for Oklahoma on
Q: I need a US birth certificate for my 15 year old son that was born in germany

I have German and American citizenship and his dad is American. How can I get an American birth certificate for him so he can get a social security card?

Kevin L Dixler
Kevin L Dixler answered on Dec 22, 2019

Such births are best registered within 6 months of birth. Otherwise, it is unlikely that you can obtain a certificate of birth, abroad. You may seek derivative citizenship for your son at this point. Your son will need to file form N-600 with all of the required evidence. He may need to attend... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Immigration Law for Oklahoma on
Q: My husband is my petitioner in a marriage based green card process. Do I have to include my husband's children in I-485?

I-485, part 6

Amanda B Cook
Amanda B Cook answered on Dec 3, 2019

Yes. All children are relevant because of the income sponsorship requirements. It's really worth the investment to have a licensed and experienced immigration attorney do this for you. I highly recommend paying for help, because even small mistakes on these forms can cause big, expensive... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Immigration Law for Oklahoma on
Q: How giving up F1 status affect I-485 application?

My I-140 is got approved. I am an international Ph.D. student and defended my doctoral dissertation on October 09, 2019. I have got I-485 EAD based on a pending application.

I did not understand the fact that using I-485 EAD may cause termination of my F1 status. My F1 visa was valid till... Read more »

Hector E. Quiroga
Hector E. Quiroga answered on Oct 16, 2019

It probably won’t. If your I-485 is approved, it won’t matter. If it is denied, and you unable to successfully appeal the decision, you will need to leave to country.

3 Answers | Asked in Immigration Law for Oklahoma on
Q: My husband has been going through immigration court his attorney told the judge my husband would be applying for asylum

Even tho I am a us citizen his wife and we have a child together we have filled out the i-130 on 10/29/18 we have not heard anything back. Fyi the attorney was the one who told us to fill it out and submit. My question is was the attorney doing good in saying my husband wanted asylum when the atty... Read more »

Sheri A Benchetrit
Sheri A Benchetrit answered on May 6, 2019

I would need more information in order to give you a proper answer. I can tell you that if the I 130 was filed while your husband was in immigration proceedings, it will take a very long time (as much as a year or more) to receive an answer. This is because the matter is sent to a specific unit... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Immigration Law for Oklahoma on
Q: What is the background to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)?

Pros and Cons of DACA? How has been affected by DACA? What laws regulate DACA? What is the current status of DACA? Why was DACA put in place by president Obama? Why has our current president Trump revoked DACA?

Suraj Vyas
Suraj Vyas answered on Apr 3, 2019

A pro for DACA is that it is good for the economy. A con for DACA is that it encourages illegal immigration. In 2014, the Administrative Procedures Act was used to try to show DACA as being unconstitutional. Last year, DACA was ruled as unconstitutional, but DACA has remained in place while legal... Read more »

2 Answers | Asked in Immigration Law for Oklahoma on
Q: If I am a green card holder and I get married to a US citizen will I be able to fill the N-400 earlier
Deron Edward Smallcomb
Deron Edward Smallcomb answered on Mar 14, 2019

If your green card was obtained as a result of being married to the same US Citizen, then you would likely be eligible. You should contact an experienced immigration attorney to determine your options.

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2 Answers | Asked in Criminal Law, Divorce, Family Law and Immigration Law for Oklahoma on
Q: Will this law protect us? If me and my mother are not yet citizens, but we do have green cards, and residents for 10yr+.

My step-father verbal abuse us for many years, and we have some of them recorded. We are residents in Tulsa for over 10 years.

Kelli Y. Allen
Kelli Y. Allen answered on Jan 20, 2019

I'm not sure of your questions, but as long as you are permanent residents, you don't need to worry about an immigration issue. You may want to consider applying for naturalization.

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1 Answer | Asked in Immigration Law for Oklahoma on
Q: Is my son considered a natural born citizen of the US? Can I tell him he could be president someday?

My son was born in the Philippines but has acquired his US citizenship through my being a US citizen.

Hector E. Quiroga
Hector E. Quiroga answered on Oct 23, 2018

Historically being a natural-born citizen meant being born in the US; however, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas ran for president in 2016, and he was born in Canada. His mother was a native-born US citizen and didn’t naturalize.

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