Can I reopen a municipal case to get back my NJ driver's license?

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My driver's license was suspended for no insurance for 6 days, and my son was pulled over without having a valid card...the officer called the co to verify coverage,they told him NO the vehicle was uninsured and he got payment history as well! My husbband passed away in June 2010 this was March 9th 2011! It was my policy and I took the hit and got the ticket reversed. I hired an attorney and he sounded hopeful when we got to court he never even attempted to defend me just swap the ticket to me, never even got the kid a lessened offense for the original ticket of 'misuse of plates'. DMV suggested I contact the court and hire new defense..I contacted the court they didn't respond! The attorney said bc I plead down to have the ticket switched I couldnt appeal. HELP

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