There is a mistake in the spelling of my name,, on the deed of my house.How can I get it corrected?

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Mark Scoblionko

Answered 2 years ago

Be careful what you wish for! You can correct the problem by filing a correction deed which, for example, goes from "John Dowe, more correctly, 'John Doe,' as grantor, to John Doe, as grantee." However, if there is a title insurance policy on the existing deed, the new correction deed could well void that title insurance policy. You would want to check that out with the title insurance company. Obviously, if there is no title insurance policy, this is not an issue.

However, why do you feel a need to fix this at the present time? You might be best advised to leave things be, as it presumably is not causing any problems. If you think that you do need to fix this for some reason, you should consult with a lawyer.