How much am I responsible for on damages done to vehicle by my horses when owner was warned to take it out of pasture?

More details:

I warned her 3 times to take her truck out of the pasture I board my horses at after she dropped a horse trailer off. She ignored me and said they wouldn't do anything. I did my best to keep horses away from truck. A week after this she came back for the trailer without me being present even after I had asked her to wait until I arrived so that I could make sure the horses didn't get out or do any damage to her or the truck. She didn't tell me about the damages to her truck until two-three weeks later and she acted like it wasn't a big deal. It has now been almost a year since the supposed damage happened and now she is taking me to a small claims court. How liable am I for the damages?

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Robert Jason De Groot

Answered 2 years ago

In my opinion you are not liable. She knowingly took the risk after specifically being warned.