What do I need to do when my ex wont let me talk to my son when it is ordered that I get phone visitation?

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She lives in NM and I live in Colorado and she refuses to let me talk to my son or even tell me where he is? She lies to me and tell me he is with her mother, and I find out later that her mom is more than 100 miles away. She rejects my phone calls and doesn't even want me to talk to him. When we were going through court, she wouldn't let me talk to him for months on end, and now that it was officially ordered, she is falling back into that track. How can I keep her from doing it? Or how can I start filing for contempt of court? I would REALLY like some help with this!

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Stephen J. Plog

Answered 2 years ago

You have a couple of different options. You could file for contempt of court or you might also consider a motion to enforce parenting time. Though by phone, one could argue it is still court ordered "parenting time" with you son. A motion to enforce parenting time also affords contempt like remedies. You would need to have proof of her conduct. Presuming you are calling a long distance number, your phone bills should help show missed calls, short calls, etc. Cell bills would be even better.