Do I have to give my Exroommates belongings since he has been out since July of last year. And is demanding that I do.

More details:

I kicked him out for various reasons. Not paying rent is the big one. He oowes me over $600 rent plus he and a friend stole items out of my yard and took the stuff to the scrapyard which they didnt ask about the stuff in question. I want to know if I can sue him for what he owes and do I have to give him his stuff back

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Rachel Lea Hunter

Answered 2 years ago

The answer is yes to both. you can sue him in small claims for rent and the conversion of your property. You are not privileged to keep his property. You might be able to claim its abandoned.

I think the better course of action would be to give him his stuff but take an inventory of it and make him sign a piece of paper saying he got it all. I would still sue for back rent or the loss of any other property. Do you have proof that he actually stole it? Stealing is a crime. If you truly have evidence of theft then you can file a criminal complaint against him.