Can my brother in law appeal his plea of no contest on domestic violence and is it to late when court is 4-10-13?

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He is trying to appeal his plea so he won't have to go to prison and will have the possibility to do a year on house arrest. His girlfriend said she gave a statement that he never did anything and that the cops where taking pictures of places she didn't even have marks. Oh also he had a violation of probation because of the domestic violence charge. He said the whole reason he even plead no contest was because he was scared he would be charged with a felony count of domestic violence after being told they had all kinds of evidence which i'm assuming are the pictures of nothing. I talked to his public defender but he doesn't seem to care to much unfortunately. Just seeking any kind of advise or information. Thank you.

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Robert Jason De Groot

Answered 2 years ago

Hire an attorney quickly, time is wasting. He probably cannot appeal, but must move to set the plea aside.