It is going on 13 years trying to probate my father's estate in Allegheny County. Is there a way to end this?

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Rachel Lea Hunter

Answered 2 years ago

Most estates can be administered in 1-2 years. Probate only means proof of a will - it doesn't take very long. Why are you "trying" to probate? It seems to me that an estate, whether there is a will or not, is submitted to the court and a personal representative appointed. Its then the personal representative's job to inventory assets, pay any claims and get the administration of the estate completed. Why has the process taken 13 years?

If no estate has actually been probated, why probate now? What assets are there? Any statute of limitations has probably expired on any claims so why would probate be needed?

You cannot expect an attorney to know what is going on or what needs to be done on a forum like this. Any competent attorney would have to review the estate file, if any. You need to sit down with local probate counsel who practices in the county/state where the estaet is pending or would be pending. Pay the attorney to review any estate file and see what needs to be done to get this wrapped up.