Paying child support to Oregon but kids lives here in PA and ex won't let me see them. what should i do?

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My ex girlfriend told she got a full custody which she only made a decision. She filed child support in Oregon. I paying child support to oregon for 2 years while I live here in PA but Kids moved to Different state for one year and i still paying child support to Oregon then she recently moved in pittsburgh, pa like 4 months ago. I still paying child support to Oregon. She won't let me see kids but i only saw kids one time in 4 months. She won't give me address. what should i do? continue to pay child support to Oregon or change here in PA?

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Allison D. Gaffen

Answered 2 years ago

Child support and child custody are two different cases. You should consult with an attorney to review the amount of support you are paying and about custody.