Can i sue a direct tv employee who assaulted me with a 2 1/4" metal pipe that was 5 ft long during a road rage incident?

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Brian F Davis

Answered 2 years ago

Yes, you certainly can sue that person and Direct TV. If the person who assaulted you was driving the vehicle as part of their employment, then his employer may be legally liable for his bad conduct, particularly if the employee has a history of such behavior. Documentation is the key in civil cases. If you were injured, then you must go to the doctor and seek medical treatment if you want to pursue this.

Mark Caruso

Answered 2 years ago

Yes. This is clearly an assault and battery. Not only is it a criminal act but it is a civil act as well.In a civil claim you can get damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost earnings and punitive damages. Because he was in the scope of his employment, his company may also be responsible.