How do i go about getting my marriage anulled i have only been married for two months

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Jeffrey Noe

Answered 2 years ago

In Michigan, there are specific grounds for annulment. There are two sets of marriages that can be annulled in Michigan: those that are "void" and those that are "voidable." Marriages that are void are those that are illegal: the parties are related or one/both are already married to someone else. Marriages that are voidable are those that involve fraud or duress; one/both are too young under the law; one/both are incapable of consenting to being married (i.e., mentally incompetent). To get an annulment, the party seeking annulment must prove to the court that there are proper grounds for annulment. Under an annulment, the law considers the parties to have never been married. Contrast this to a divorce. To get divorced, neither party must prove any grounds for divorce because Michigan is a "no fault" divorce state.