My property was dismissed in court (forcloseure) plantiff did not show up. they are trying to take me back to court and

More details:

They are asking for $20k more, is this legal??

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Robert Jason De Groot

Answered 2 years ago

Without knowing the case and seeing all of the pleadings, it is very difficult to answer this question. If you have an attorney on the case it is best to ask him or her.

Natalie F. Guerra-Valdes

Answered 2 years ago

I'm not exactly sure what it is that you are asking. If you are represnted by an attorney, you should meet with him/her regarding your concerns. If you are not represented by an attorney, I suggest that you consult with an attorney regarding the particulars of your case. Many attornesy on here, including myself, offer free initial consultations.

Natalie Guerra-Valdes