Ex filed mod for CS w/12 mnths left. orignal order for 700/mnth for 2 kids. 1 in college 1 in HS. chance of reduct?(GA)

More details:

We have both remarried. His marriage has produced a significant increase in financial status. I am in school full time and work PRN basis so my income decreased. I will finish school at the same time as my high schooler.Can I request he reimburse me for attorney fees if judge rules no increase. Yes, i incur increased medicals due to her allergist appointments. What are the chances of a reduction. He does not visit the child nor communicate on a regular basis

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Beverly L. Cohen

Answered 2 years ago

Unfortunately, you have not asked a legal question that can be answered here. Modification of child support is based upon a change in the income and/or financial status of either parent since the previous order for child support. The modification must also be in the best interest of the child. Even if you can prove an increase or decrease in income and/or financial status, the judge still has discretion as to whether or not to modify the child support. The judge also has discretion to award attorney fees but only to the prevailing party.