A lawer told me he failed a suit regarding my personal injury over 2years,how can I find out if such was filed or if my.

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David E Schreiber

Answered 4 years ago

It's a little difficult to understand your question. If you are saying the lawyer told you he filed suit within the 2 year deadline, but you want to check that, you can do several things. First, if he filed a complaint, you would have been required to sign a verification, so you should know that. If he/she filed a Writ of Summons, that wouldn't require your signature but it would be docketed. First, you should ask your lawyer for a date-stamped copy of whatever was filed (meaning, if it was filed, the court will have stamped the date of filing on it). If the lawyer does not give you the information, you could also contact the court and ask them to look up the docket for you or you could go to the prothonotary's office yourself and ask them. You should ask your lawyer for the docket number.

Mark Scoblionko

Answered 2 years ago

If you check with the Clerk of Courts or the Prothonotary (depending upon what the office happens to be called in your county)in the courthouse of the county where you think that suit was filed and give them your name and the name of the party or parties you intended to sue, that court officer should be able to tell you from the records (court docket) if a suit was filed and is pending. You can also ask your lawyer to send you "time-stamped copies" of whatever he/she supposedly filed.