Do I have the right to present legal documentation to judge, if I was served a default warrent? I was legaly detained

More details:

Section 12 Menal health, defaulted on court hearing, hospital informed court of my inability to show, was arrested anyway, held with 1,000.00 bail or 60 days in jail. Why was I not allowed to show legal evedince or speak.. ???

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Lefteris K. Travayiakis

Answered 4 years ago

By what you described, it sounds as if perhaps there is more information that might explain why you were held.

First off, once a Default Warrant is issued and you are stopped by the police, they have no choice by to arrest you.

To answer your question, generally yes, you are able to and should provide documentation explaining why you missed a prior court appearance.

HOWEVER, from what you described, your being held on $1,000 bail or 60 days in jail sounds more like a judge either revoking your bail on another pending open case, in which case you are held without bail for up to 60 days and $1,000 bail was imposed on the other case.

I would need additional information in order to be able to provide a more concise answer...