What does the following mean;-Insufficient Bond - Poss Cs Pg 1 <1g

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Milan Marinkovich

Answered 4 years ago

Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 17.08 provides that a bail bond must contain the following requisites:

1. That it be made payable to “The State of Texas”;

2. That the defendant and his sureties, if any, bind themselves that the defendant will appear before the proper court or magistrate to answer the accusation against him;

3. If the defendant is charged with a felony, that it state that he is charged with a felony. If the defendant is charged with a misdemeanor, that it state that he is charged with a misdemeanor;

4. That the bond be signed by name or mark by the principal and sureties, if any, each of whom shall write thereon his mailing address;

5. That the bond state the time and place, when and where the accused binds himself to appear, and the court or magistrate before whom he is to appear. The bond shall also bind the defendant to appear before any court or magistrate before whom the cause may thereafter be pending at any time when, and place where, his presence may be required under this Code or by any court or magistrate, but in no event shall the sureties be bound after such time as the defendant receives an order of deferred adjudication or is acquitted, sentenced, placed on community supervision, or dismissed from the charge;

6. The bond shall also be conditioned that the principal and sureties, if any, will pay all necessary and reasonable expenses incurred by any and all sheriffs or other peace officers in rearresting the principal in the event he fails to appear before the court or magistrate named in the bond at the time stated therein. The amount of such expense shall be in addition to the principal amount specified in the bond. The failure of any bail bond to contain the conditions specified in this paragraph shall in no manner affect the legality of any such bond, but it is intended that the sheriff or other peace officer shall look to the defendant and his sureties, if any, for expenses incurred by him, and not to the State for any fees earned by him in connection with the rearresting of an accused who has violated the conditions of his bond.

Without more information, it was either missing one of those requisite elements or was not set high enough for the offense charged.

"Poss CS Pg 1 < 1g" generally stands for Possession of Controlled Substance; Penalty Group 1, Less than 1 gram. (see V.T.C.A. Health and Safety Code Section 481.115) An offense under this section (