What happens if my husband blows a warning into my interlock system? Will I be charged with a violation?

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I have a feloney dwi charge. Have been on probation for 2.5 yrs, having one violation already. I was not home when he blew into interlock, and he did not move the car after the warning. I came home about an hr later, went and blew in car and passed. Worried this will go against me. Should I call po first thing in the morning and let her aware of situation. I do not go in for calabration on interlock for 2 wks..

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Shawn H. Smith

Answered 2 years ago

Most interlock devices take your picture when you blow in them. If it does, then it will show a picture of him and you should be fine. If not, you may need to contact a lawyer and see about getting your husband to fill out an affidavit for the judge and trying to convince the court that it was not you in the car. The fact that you blew clean an hour later will probably help as well. Good luck.