I have a judgment lien on a house, it sold twice, without my lien being paid. Can I add new owners as new defendants?

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I have a case filed against original debtor to enforce execution of federal judgment in federal court, however I need a writ of execution issued against acquirers of debtor-Defendant's judgment lien obligations to me via their purchase of the house from the party that bought it from my debtor-defendant. I don't want to start a new action (res judicata). I have prepared a motion to add new owners of home as additional defendants as successors to said debt obligation and also move to assert priority over hone equity mortgage lien holders. I moved for court to issue me a writ of execution post agreeing to add new home owners as defendants. I suppose other lien holders should be added too. Am I doing the right thing? PS. USDC SD of Florida case.

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Robert Jason De Groot

Answered 2 years ago

You need to get an attorney for this problem. It appears that there has been a fraudulent conveyance and only an attorney will be able to help.