Need to file Chptr 7 but hard pressed to pay court filing fees and attorney fees. Pro Bono services avail?

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Kathryn U. Tokarska

Answered 2 years ago

This depends on your local jurisdiction. For example, San Diego county does not provide bankruptcy representation in their pro-bono clinics or through legal aid servicing indigents. This somewhat makes sense only from the perspective that state and county resources are limited and choices must be made to assist the most urgent matters like helping people with domestic violence situations, child support, and of course criminal defense since liberty is at stake. If you have no property and/or no income then you are considered judgment proof, nothing to protect by filing bankruptcy. Having said that many attorneys will discount their fees for the most dire cases. The only other choice is something called bankruptcy petition preparer. These folks just help you fill out the forms so you can file your own case and cannot provide you with legal advice. As a bankruptcy attorney, knowing how complex the cases can get and mistakes people can make without legal representation I can't honestly recommend that route.