I was involved in a car accident. Both parties have State Farm ins. The other driver received a ticket for running a red

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Light. I sustained a broken arm which required surgery. All bills are going through workmans comp. the car insurance is wanting me to sign release of information which includes all workman comp wages ,hours of work ,settlements ,etc. do I sign this release?

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Timothy J. Deffet

Answered 2 years ago

DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING until you get an attorney. The releases will give them unlimited access to every record, medical, work or otherwise under the sun. If you got into an accident while driving for work, then you may have a work comp claim against your employer and a "third-party" claim against the driver of the vehicle that hit you. You should also make sure you go to court and speak to the prosecutor at the red light ticket court hearing and tell them you are there or else they will dismiss the ticket.

Under work comp you may be entitled to medical bills, payments when off work (TTD) at 2/3 your wage, and permanency or loss of use of whatever body parts you injured. There may be more.

With the car accident case, you are also entitled to pain and suffering and other damages but the work comp payments will have to be paid back.

Call an attorney as these cases are complicated and there are statutes of limitations which can bar the lawsuits.