In North Carolina, how lond does it take to be foreclosed upon/

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Rachel Lea Hunter

Answered 2 years ago

It depends. Assuming that a first mortgage has not been paid, about 4-6 months before a foreclosure petition has been filed. Once a petition is filed, the hearing will be held within 45-60 days. If the mortgage is found to be in default, then a sale is ordered withing 60 days of the foreclosure hearing but this can be extended. The sale does not become final until 10 days after the sale date to allow for possible upset bids. After that, the purchaser usually seeks to have the resident move out if he/she has not done so by this point. There may even be an incentive to leave (many banks have a "cash for keys" program whereby the lender will pay money to the borrower if the borrower moves out of the property and leaves it in good condition).