He is being charged with a possession of a firearm. The gun was not his. he was shot he's being charged. what can he do?

More details:

The gun was found on the balcony, and bullets found in the roommates room. He does note live in that house and his name is not on the lease. They said that they are charging him with it because there was a shell casing found in the room that he was in and he has the wound, but there were two other people in the house with him. And he was already on probation for a fire arm.

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Lori Levin

Answered 2 years ago

A question such as this is difficult to answer without having access to the police reports, interviewing the person charged as well as reviewing other evidence. The person charged should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. That person will be able to evaluate the case after conferring with him, and be able to render full and competent advise.

This posting is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advise nor establish an attorney-client relationship between the parties.

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