I recently received a traffic ticket. After I reviewed the ticket, i seen it was not given to me in my name?

More details:

It was under my fathers name, who is on the insurance. I was the only person in the vehicle when the ticket was issued. How does that affect the ticket?

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Arthur Busch

Answered 2 years ago

Interesting case. I think that the mistake by the police officer could be corrected by simply re-issuing the ticket if your father were to answer to the ticket. He should answer to the ticket so that he is not in default. I had a case once where they completely left off the name of the party to be searched on a form search warrant. The case was appealed and the court ruled it was an inadvertent clerical error. Bottom line is that your dad could answer the ticket and fight it by proving he was elsewhere. He has no duty to help the police find you. However, the police have access to all the driver license pictures in your household if they really wanted to get you. The question is whether your Dad is up to the fight? At this point he has little choice but to respond to the ticket.