In 2009, I was granted a divorce. The Court s Judgment Entry included a separation agreement. It ordered each party to

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Execute and deliver all titles, documents, papers and other materials necessary to effectuate the terms of the separation agreement. My wife & I were joint owners of a mobile home. The mobile home was in my ex-wifes name and she never signed over the title. I paid the mortgage and now my wife filed a motion for contempt. I am behind in the mortgage..only by two months. My ex claims she could not transfer the title because I have not paid the taxs..I have paid the taxs, but she claims that I have to pay not only one years tax, but also the next years tax in advance before she can transfer the title. I have tried to re-finance the mobile home through the lone company but they refuse to talk to me because it is still in my ex-wifes name. I can not afford a lawyer..the court did, in 2009, order my wife to transfer the title over to me, that in the separation agreement, it states: "The WIFE shall sign the title over to HUSBAND.." How am I in contempt? Can you give me advice and law in this?

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The Judge gave me one month..I need the statutes and how can she file contempt when she never signed over title. If I am two months behind in mortgage payments..then she should have no standing as she was suppose to sign over everything regarding the mobile home to me.

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David Scott Heier Esq

Answered 2 years ago

It's possible that you both are in contempt. You for being behind in payments and her for not signing over the title. One is not necessarily a defense to the other. File your own contempt against her if you think she is in violation of the order too.