My brother was arrested 30 days ago on a felony for family assult. How long does it take to go to court?

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My brother was arrested 30 days ago and is still currently in jail. He has a felony charge for family assult. This is his second arrest in a year for this charge. The last charge was dismissed due to a lack of evidence. I cannot get a hold of his court appointed lawyer to get any answers. How long does this process take? I cannot afford his bail money.

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Shawn H. Smith

Answered 2 years ago

That is really going to depend on what county he was arrested in. Some counties will give him a pre-indictment court date fairly quickly, while others will take a bit longer to get their act together. His lawyer should be able to facilitate him getting into court. If you are not satisfied with the court appointed lawyer, you may want to look into hiring one yourself, you will probably get a better response that way, and things may move a bit faster. Good luck