Can someone be charges 3 times for the same case?

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Had a fight at a party and case went to the grand jury as a felony, was downgraded to misdemeanor and was found guilty by the court. Now appears on my record as 3 charges although with only 1 guilty verdict.How do I remove the felony and the other misdemeanor from my records. Thought my lawyer at that time was supposed to do that.

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Shawn H. Smith

Answered 2 years ago

If they were just filing and then dismissing the charges, you may need to file for an expunction to wipe them off your record. You will need to hire an attorney to do this, it is a separate process from just handling your criminal case. Your other attorney probably should have told you about this, but it was not necessarily his duty to file the expunctions for you. Call around to qualified criminal defense attorneys to get some quotes and to see if you qualify for an expunction. Good Luck.