Lease Finance Group LLC sent a letter to my dad for demand for payment on credit card machine for a lease signed behalf

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Of his employer. If payment not received this will show on his credit. According to the agent the credit card machine was supposed to be returned on 4/1/2010. Business was closed and my father was not working there. We just received this first notice in 4/27/2013 (three years later??) I contacted the agent 7 times to get the copy of lease agreement and today finallay reached live person to talk to me, he told me that he needs to request it and it's in safe deposit box ?? And that this account was transferred to him from another department ?? This does not sound right and we need help to get resolved. Please point us to the right direction, thank you for your help.

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Rachel Lea Hunter

Answered 2 years ago

Why are you doing anything for your father? Unless you have a power of attorney then he needs to get his own attorney. Its not ethical to discuss someone else's legal problems with you.

The statute of limitations in GA is 6 years so it does not matter. Who is this lease with? Your father needs to have an attorney write a letter denying liability for this account if the lease was in the business name and not your father's. Your father needs to ask in the letter for a copy of the lease - it may have a forum selection clause in it. What this means is that the lease may say that it is governed by some other state's laws and that any lawsuits have to be in the other state. This is important to know. Please have your father email me at if he is interested.