How long does the court give you to complete required actions?

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My spouse filed for divorce 12/5/11, I signed a waiver and it was uncontested on 3/2/12. She was ordered to complete a parenting class by the Bexar county judge. She still has not completed the course and has no motivation to do so. Should I file for divorce separately or is there a timeline she has to have this done by? When will my divorce be final? I am motivated! If I need to hire an attorney would I hire one in that county or the county I live in?

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Shawn H. Smith

Answered 2 years ago

Your divorce will be final when the decree is signed by the two of you and a judge. If that is what happened on 3/2/12, then you have been divorced for a while now. If she has not done one of the terms of the Decree, then you can file a motion to enforce on her to get her to behave. You should probably call a couple of attorneys for a consultation. Most, myself included, will give you a free consultation so you can figure out where you stand. Good luck.