I don't understand some of the questions on the I-90 form and don't know some of the answers.

More details:

Where can I get free help on filling out the application?

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Gus M. Shihab Esq

Answered 5 years ago

Dear Sir/Madam,

You might want to take a good look at the instructions for the form I-90. If your questions are still unanswered, you might contact a University close to where you live to find out if they have an immigration clinic. If not, you might contact the American Immigration Lawyers Association to find out if there is a pro bono program in the State where you reside. Finally, I would advise you to contact the USCIS and see if someone can help you there.

Best of luck.

Gus M. Shihab


Courtney Minick

Answered 5 years ago

You might want to check the USCIS site. They have recently updated it to make it more user-friendly.

The forms page for I-90 is here: http://j.st/ZuW.

Good luck.