The father has filed for exceptions to the order of C.S. hearing officer. Is the order valid while waiting for hearing?

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I have found some previous case law on the internet that states "The court may not enter the order or take action until after the hearing on exceptions." The hearing is three months out. Can I file for contempt or press for other enforcement actions from the Dept. of Revenue in the interim? The NCP is now $10,000 in arrears and hasn't made a payment since Nov. 2012. I have written documentation from him stating he is not paying or attempting payment until after the exceptions hearing. In addition, his request for exceptions did not specify what they were; I understand this is not typically acceptable. Can I ask the judge to dismiss his request for exceptions on these grounds? Thanks!

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Robert Jason De Groot

Answered 2 years ago

What you need is an attorney. This is a tricky process which actually requires a professional on your side.