Should my friends and I get local counsel? Trespassing question - Florida

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I've got this nagging feeling, embarrassment honestly since I returned from a recent trip to Florida.

One night as my friends and I were walking back from the bar scene, we came across these beautiful yachts for rent. Well, we walked up and sat at the table at one yacht. After I noticed security cameras on the boat, I left immediately (approx 2 minutes from getting on the boat)- as did one other. The other guys stayed at the table for another few minutes then got off the boat (10 minutes total, tops). That's all we did, literally sat at the table on the deck of the yacht then we left. No police were called, no security or no owner telling us to leave. We just left.

Our next stop after several blocks of walking, the hotels and we called it a night.

I'm more embarrassed than anything, and obviously I have a guilty conscience.

Should we look into local counsel? What are the chances we can get arrested if none of us live in Florida?

I'm feel awful.


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Robert Jason De Groot

Answered 2 years ago

There appears to be a strong likelihood that you will be charged with trespassing, and you should get local counsel if you are charged. We do not normally extradite for misdemeanors. There might be an arrest warrant for you here in Florida, and it would remain open until you are arrested. So, you really should look into this by hiring counsel. Where did this occur? Call for a free consultation.