I was dragged out of my home by K-9 officers cuffed and thrown into the back seat of a squad car in my sleepshirt. This

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Guy I had been helping with a place to stay and giving him money had taken my card number and stolen over $10,000 from me so I had him injuncted out of my duplex apt and he set me up that day coming over and saying I had a weapon pointed at him. I was asleep when he came over and he barged in on me, I went to watch tv weather, (first day of hurricane debbie) cause im from fla I knew something was strange, it was dark outside all day. Now, because he took all my money I have a public defender and she wont let me talk and all we do is argue. I have evidence from the bank, text messages, all kinds of things. How can I find a good criminal defense attorney who isnt a fortune? she is gonna land me in jail. I sat in court over 3 hours yesterday and every case she had she got them to plea. I am innocent, disabled, got financially wiped out, can't take the stress and I will die in jail. Can you make a suggestion?

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Robert Jason De Groot

Answered 2 years ago

You need to hire a private criminal defense attorney. Very few will take payments, most will want a lot of money up front for a criminal case like this. Borrow some money.