I have a serious legal question ?????

More details:

The police had a search warrent for my home and when they came in i was honest with them and let them know that i had weed in my safe away from people. also in the safe was my money i had a large amount of it. They are saying that i sell and that is very wrong on there part that's not the case at....... i have never been in trouble by the law before what will happen to me over the weed, and the money was from loans,car accident,insurance money from my grandparents plus my mother. I want my money back its not drug money

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Jacob T. Will

Answered 2 years ago

You should contact a local attorney to assist you in this matter. You may be facing criminal charges regarding the marijuana, and depending on the amount that was found you could be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony.

Regarding the money that was taken, there will likely be a civil forfeiture action filed against you by the local Prosecutor's Office. Retaining an attorney will be your best bet in having your money returned to you.