My sister passed left 3 children no will 1 child saying others wont get anything wont give them pprobate solicitors name

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Cedulie Renee Laumann

Answered 2 years ago

When an estate is opened, it becomes a matter of public record. Also, notice must be mailed to every interested person which includes any children of the deceased.

If no one received notice of the estate details, it may be that an estate has not yet been opened - the law lists people with priority to manage an estate (serve as Personal Representative) if there is no will. Generally any child has equal priority to seek appointment.

To find out if an estate has been opened, contact the Register of Wills for the county where the deceased person last lived.

While I hope this general legal information helps, it doesn't provide legal advice on the specifics of your situation and shouldn't take the place of meeting with an attorney.