I am looking for clarification on this term: conservator

More details:

I am looking for clarification on this statement from the Texas Standard Order –

Sec. 153.317. ALTERNATIVE BEGINNING AND ENDING POSSESSION TIMES. (a) If elected by a conservator, ……

(8) for weekend periods of possession that are extended under Section 153.315(b) by a student holiday or teacher in-service day that falls on a Friday, beginning at the time the child's school is regularly dismissed on Thursday.

I am the primary, I guess you could say, so this does apply to me as well correct, if on my weekend Friday is a holiday then I should get my son Thursday when school is dismissed.

Is this a correct statement?

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Patricia Jo Holloway

Answered 2 years ago

No, I am sorry, that is not correct. As primary, you do not have "weekend periods of possession" ordered for you. I am assuming that you are trying to cancel the other parent's Thursday evening visits when Friday is a school holiday. A Friday holiday does not cancel the Thursday visits prior to weekends that he/she does NOT have possession of the child.