My husband and I were split up we have 2 boys and he fathered a child how much child support does he have to pay

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He and i got back together before he found out about the pregnancy and have been together since we split up Dec 2011 got back together July 2012 found out about pregnancy Aug 2012 baby born Jan 2013. Now need to start paying child support but dont know how much and want to make sure our children together are not taken from. Mother of baby won't work, is on public assistance and we don't want to get blasted for not helping with the baby. Where do we begin?

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Shawn H. Smith

Answered 2 years ago

The amount of child support will be based on his income. You may want to speak with an attorney about getting an order together to handle both child support and visitation/custody assuming he wants to be in the child's life. It is always best to get this type of situation under control early so he doesn't get stuck paying back support, and you want the payments to be official, because if he is just handing her a check it may not count and she could still try to come after him later. Good luck.