Do parents with joint custody have the right to keep children away from exspouse significant others (boyfriend/girlfrien

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I am dating a man who has been divorced for 7 years. He really hasn't dated anyone significantly until now. His children are 20 and 14. The mother is making demands on not allowing the children around me "for a year..that's what most counselors say" and if I have been, she withholds time with their father, takes the 20 year olds money away at college and threatens to discontinue tuiton, based on them claiming they "like me." Is this legal? What can the father do? She threatens the kids when they are with their dad and makes horrible comments about him. She has accosted me and texts me horrible things.

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David Scott Heier Esq

Answered 1 year ago

If an x-spouse cannot be reasoned with, then being in a relationship with the other spouse will be challenging. There is no magic legal document that will fix this. An x-spouse has a legal right to be mean, despiteful, vengeful, demanding, and controlling. BUT, an x-spouse cannot legally dictate how the other lives their life. An ex does not have legal veto power over what girlfriend or boyfriend the other can see.