I live in NC with my 12yo, father lives in FL, which state do i file for chid support?

More details:

It us very difficult and thus child fathers doesn't offer any financial support for her. Whenever she gets any money she has to beg him for it and how she gets it

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Rachel Lea Hunter

Answered 1 year ago

Child support is based on where the child lives. If there has been no support order entered and the child has lived in NC for 6 months or more, then NC. Under the uniform support act (all states have a version of it), you file for support here and NC child support contacts FL to get the support order set up.

If an existing child support was entered in some other state and the father still lives there (say FL) then the order could re registered here in NC but it would make no sense to do that. If the order was entered in another state and neither parent lives in that state, the order could be registered and enforced or modified in NC. Or you could return to the other state for enforcement but you probably would not want to do so if neither you nor the father live in the other state.