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COVID-19 Real Estate Law Questions & Answers
1 Answer | Asked in Real Estate Law for Maryland on
Q: I am buyer. Seller did not disclosed information about solar panel contract. Can I refuse to buy and get my depositback

Do I need an attorney or it can be mediated?

Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley answered on Feb 2, 2021

Need more facts. What, exactly, is the non-disclosure? That warranty repairs were limited to manufacturer warranties? That disputes under the solar panel contract can only be resolved by binding arbitration in Chester County, PA? Or that the solar panels have a balance due with 48 monthly... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Real Estate Law for New Jersey on
Q: Lease break in New Jersey -

Is there a way to break a lease because we're not feeling safe anymore in a residence where we believe there's a failure to enforce covid19 rules?

Morris Leo Greb
Morris Leo Greb answered on Jan 31, 2021

Present the Landlord with a written demand for proactive steps for Covid 19 protection. Include in the demand a list of specific deficiencies. Set a reasonable dates for commencement and completion of the required repairs which must be done by licensed contractors. If the Landlord refuses, you have... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Employment Law and Real Estate Law for California on
Q: Do 1099 contractors have rights regarding possible COVID exposure?

I’m a photographer (1099 contractor) for a real estate business in California that makes virtual tours using business owned equipment. I have done nearly 50 listings, mostly residential, spanning the last 7 months.

In many instances, not all, the listing has been vacant and I signed... Read more »

Neil Pedersen
Neil Pedersen answered on Jan 30, 2021

An independent contractor's rights and duties are defined by the contract between you and the other party to the contract. For the most part, laws enacted to protect employees will not protect independent contractors, with some exceptions. Whether your contractual partner can force you to... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant and Real Estate Law for Florida on
Q: My landlord died and I was gave Certified letter stating they will not be renewing my lease do to his realtor selling

The property I have been living paying my rent for 8 yrs. and they want me out by Jan.31,2021 I was gave the letter back in June of 2020 but it been so hard to find a place do to the pandemic is they breaking the law somewhere cause no one haven’t came and seen the home to buy anything

Barbara Billiot Stage
Barbara Billiot Stage answered on Jan 29, 2021

The property may be tied up in probate or the personal representative of the estate may be waiting for you to vacate to fix the property up to sell, but that does not mean you cannot be evicted once the lease expires. If an eviction action is filed against you, you will have a trouble finding any... Read more »

3 Answers | Asked in Products Liability, Real Estate Law and Landlord - Tenant for Virginia on
Q: I bought a place, rented it for a few months, lease is up, she is late but won't go. I need to move in my place

I bought a place but was renting and couldn't get out of my lease so rented for a few months with a lease. I had her lease end when my lease is up so i could move into the place i bought.

She won't leave and is always late with rent, What can i do? I have no where to live as... Read more »

Elizabeth Crego
Elizabeth Crego answered on Jan 27, 2021

I think there are some details that need to be considered before determining what you can do. You said your lease is up, but it's unclear as to whether the lease for the property you own is up. If it is not, you will have to wait until the end of the lease period unless she fails to pay rent... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Real Estate Law for Ohio on
Q: In Ohio, do all apartment complex have to take Section 8 now because of covid, even if we didn't before?

We are a higher end apartment complex and someone said now all apartments have to take section 8. Is this correct?

Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams answered on Jan 20, 2021

No. There have been some changes along those lines but nothing so broad. Toledo for example passed an ordinance that says landlords cannot reject applicants solely because they rely upon vouchers to help pay their rent. But it doesn't go into effect for about two months and there is nothing... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Real Estate Law for Florida on
Q: New BOD changed locks on clubhouse. How long do they have to replace old keys?
Barbara Billiot Stage
Barbara Billiot Stage answered on Jan 20, 2021

It depends on why the locks were changed. Many associations have closed their amenities due to COVID-19. Florida Statute 720.116 gives the association to do whatever is necessary during a state of emergency for the safety and health of the membership.

1 Answer | Asked in Contracts and Real Estate Law for Texas on
Q: House rental lease ends jan 31 realtor wants to show house now with covid spikes can they legally show the house
Allison Higgins
Allison Higgins answered on Dec 22, 2020

This is a question coming across a lot of lawyer's desks, but there doesn't seem to be a strict answer yet. Maybe you and your landlord can agree to only do virtual showings. Check your contract to see if it says how and when they can show the house.

You may want to hire an...
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1 Answer | Asked in Real Estate Law and Landlord - Tenant for Oregon on
Q: In Oregon, I have a tenant who's lease is ending in March. Can I choose not to renew their lease?

With the moratorium, I don't know if I can choose not to renew their lease at the end of it. The plan for this property was to rent it for two years, and then sell it. This is the end of the second year, and I'd like to sell the property, before the capital gains taxes become applicable.

Gregory L Abbott
Gregory L Abbott answered on Dec 21, 2020

One of the subtle changes that has been made over the pandemic is exactly what provisions of Oregon Landlord-Tenant law the moratorium applies to. Currently, you are allowed to sell your rental property so long as you comply with all the requirements of ORS 90.427 (5)(d). IF your rental dwelling... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Real Estate Law and Estate Planning for Alabama on
Q: My dad got divorced, had no will, and passed away. His ex wife’s name is still on the house.

My dad and his ex wife got divorced before they could come to an agreement on the house. She hasn’t been in the house over 10 years. He passed away with no will in place. He has two biological children(me and my sister) and a daughter that he and his ex wife adopted. The ex wife doesn’t want to... Read more »

Amanda B Cook
Amanda B Cook answered on Dec 18, 2020

To evaluate this fact pattern, an attorney will need to look at your father and his ex wife's Deed. However, it sounds like she could own half or possibly even the entire property, and yes you are correct that she could evict you or petition a court for a sale of the house at any time... Read more »

2 Answers | Asked in Real Estate Law for New Jersey on
Q: I have recived a 2a:35-1 12.4.2020 new jersey. Dose this code still apply under covid 19?
Morris Leo Greb
Morris Leo Greb answered on Dec 4, 2020

Have you been served with a complaint? If so, you have a right to file an answer and have the matter heard by a Court of competent jurisdiction. The summons attached to the complaint will explain how to file an answer. The answer can be as simple as a general denial of the allegations in the... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Real Estate Law for New Jersey on
Q: My family and I live in a single family residential house in Hunterdon county NJ. We received notice from LL that they

Will not renew our lease and we must vacate by 12/31/20.

We plan to vacate however we need a few months to find another home, pack and leave. I am concerned of moving in the middle of winter as I have several autoimmune diseases and I am may be vulnerable to COVID-19.

I have... Read more »

Morris Leo Greb
Morris Leo Greb answered on Nov 30, 2020

Stay in premises and continue to pay rent. Try to negotiate an extension of the lease to enable to find new living accomodation. In any event, should LL file suit for eviction, except for non payment of rent which permits filing immediately, he must follow appropriate court procedure. If the matter... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Contracts and Real Estate Law for Texas on
Q: If I have a contract to buy a house in Texas and the owner dies before deed is prepared by title company, what happens?

Because of COVID 19 it is taking a long time for paperwork to be prepared. My contract is good though end of this month. What happens if he doesn’t sign extension before he dies?

Teri A. Walter
Teri A. Walter answered on Nov 23, 2020

If the Seller dies before the extension is signed or the sale closes, then you won't be able to close until someone is appointed by the Probate Court to act for the Seller - either an executor of the will, or administrator of the estate.

If the closing date has already passed, and...
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1 Answer | Asked in Business Law, Contracts and Real Estate Law for Illinois on
Q: How much would it cost for someone to review a lease agreement for me and help me understand my rights and conditions?

This is a lease agreement with a Landlord for a Small Business. It would be great if someone can do this for free. I am having a hard time understanding a few items in the contract.

T. J. Jesky
T. J. Jesky answered on Nov 20, 2020

This is a good question, but the answer depends on a number of factors. For example, is this a residential or commercial lease? What is the length of the lease? How long is the lease period and what is the rent? A commercial lease is much more complex than a residential lease.

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1 Answer | Asked in Real Estate Law and Landlord - Tenant for Florida on
Q: Can I be evicted if Management filed holdover due to lease expired and owner emailed me and said I could stay to Dec.

My lease expired in 2019 and I received a month to month lease with the expectation of purchasing the home but due to COVID everything was pushed back. Owner said I could stay until Pandemic is over. Sept. 11,2020 I received a notice to vacate October 31,2020. My lease states terminating this... Read more »

Bruce Alexander Minnick
Bruce Alexander Minnick answered on Nov 17, 2020

1. No, you are no longer entitled to a 30 day notice because ALL the terms in your written lease expired in 2019 when your lease expired and thus are no longer effective.

2. You have nothing more that a month-to-month tenancy which can be terminated by 15 days notice.

3. Unless...
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1 Answer | Asked in Real Estate Law for Virginia on
Q: I have a tenant who is late on rent the last few months. I have given her time considering COVID situation. Options?

I have given her time as its pandemic situation. But she has not been responding to my texts or calls. I have asked her multiple times about rent but she is not responding and refusing to meet me or let me into the Property.

What are my options as a landlord?

Elizabeth Crego
Elizabeth Crego answered on Nov 17, 2020

You can proceed with giving her a 5 day pay or vacate notice, and then filing an Unlawful Detainer in court five days after she receives that notice. The Unlawful Detainer, if granted by a judge, gives you the right to file a Writ for Eviction, which is what the sheriff uses to evict her. There are... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant and Real Estate Law for Ohio on
Q: I received papers that my landlord has lost the home that I rent to foreclosurexpired expired Jan 2020. What to do?

my lease expired in Jan 2020 and the house is for sale. But according to the paperwork from the courts, it will go to sheriff's sale. Do I need to move? Can I be evicted? Should I still pay rent to the landlady?

Joseph Jaap
Joseph Jaap answered on Nov 16, 2020

If sold at sheriff's sale, you'll have to talk to the new owner about staying. But the owner can ask you to leave, and evict you if you don't, although some tenants might be protected from eviction because of the limits on evicting some tenants because of the virus.

1 Answer | Asked in Real Estate Law for Maryland on
Q: Thank you, does the estate have to be reopened for the PR to sell the home? It is currently closed.

Thank you for answering my last question. The estate is currently closed and has gone through probate and was closed many years ago.The personal representative's lawyer sent a letter certified mail saying that if the heir living in the home does not willingly agree to sell the home as an heir... Read more »

Richard Sternberg
Richard Sternberg answered on Nov 16, 2020

My prior answer stands. The answer depends on whether the estate is open and who is in title on the home. If this is related to the other question I saw in which a probate was closed many years ago in PG County but the house was not transferred, then it may be necessary to reopen the probate to get... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Real Estate Law and Probate for Maryland on
Q: How long would the process take of making a complaint for the sale in Lieu of Partition in Prince George's county, MD?

An elderly disabled person is being forced out of his home that he lived in all of his life by the personal representative. The home had been closed with probate many years ago, and it's still closed, but the personal representative has now decided to sell the home after all this time. The... Read more »

Richard Sternberg
Richard Sternberg answered on Nov 16, 2020

Your posting does not provide sufficient information for a reliable response, and I suggest that you review all of the facts with counsel during a consult. If the house is titled to the decedent, and there is an open estate with a qualified PR, there is no need for a complaint for sale in lieu of... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Constitutional Law, Landlord - Tenant and Real Estate Law for New Jersey on
Q: Since i wont date my landlord he has put my house for sale I pay my rent on time, what can I do?

I have been living there for five years,each of those years I've had to deal with him popping up and bringing me gifts,showing up walking around the windows,and just walking in saying he had to drop something off.I have always laughed him off, told him I did not feel comfortable but he... Read more »

Morris Leo Greb
Morris Leo Greb answered on Nov 15, 2020

There are two issues raised in your question.

The first is the Landlord coming into your apartment uninvited and harassing you generally. Wheteher you have a written or oral lease you are entitled to quiet enjoyment. The landlord is breaching this provision of the lease.As such, you may...
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