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Oklahoma Copyright Questions & Answers
0 Answers | Asked in Copyright and Family Law for Oklahoma on
Q: I have these paper does that mean I can't get my kid if my baby daddy anit around

It just said I have a PC with my baby daddy that I can't go near him and it just says additional pendent which extra people around is my son but it doesn't say I have a PC on my son just my baby daddy

0 Answers | Asked in Copyright for Oklahoma on
Q: Can I remove them from the speices without changing the looks?

I know closed speices are a thing and it's a broad subject

but if someone didn't want to be associated with the owner anymore but keep their characters from the species would the traits need to be changed or could they be kept but still no longer be part of the speices without the... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Copyright for Oklahoma on
Q: if I made a design while in a group, if I left the group would it still be considered my design or the groups?

I was in an online group for a project awhile back and in the group I made a character design. I’ve since left the group and was wondering if the design would legally be considered mine or the groups? There were no contracts involved, and the character design doesn’t belong to the group, it was... Read more »

Fritz-Howard Raymond Clapp
Fritz-Howard Raymond Clapp answered on Apr 27, 2022

As the creator of an original work, you own copyright in the work unless there was an agreement that it was a "work for hire". There being no such agreement, you retain all rights in the work and should inform the group to that effect, and insist that your work not be included in the... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Copyright, Criminal Law and Civil Rights for Oklahoma on
Q: I got my boyfriend's car towed I stole something at Walmart but didn't get arrested at Walmart and we can't afford to
Tracy Tiernan
Tracy Tiernan answered on Oct 31, 2021

Unfortunately your question is a bit cryptic in that it provides very little details and doesn’t really ask a question, it’s more of a statement. From what I can glean you are worried about getting arrested. If they did not arrest you at Walmart, than they are unlikely to do so after the fact.... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Business Law, Copyright, Intellectual Property and Trademark for Oklahoma on
Q: If I buy something from a place like Etsy to put on a product that I sell and make from scratch. Am I good legally

I buy the product from a source that is allowed to make the sticker or decal and I put it on a product to sell. Do I still have to get a Craftman license to be able to sell that with that sticker on it?

Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown answered on Mar 22, 2021

There isn't enough information here to fully answer your question.

It does, however, sound like (depending on a lot more information) you could get in trouble for copyright and/or trademark infringement, fraudulent misrepresentation, or something else.

1 Answer | Asked in Copyright and Traffic Tickets for Oklahoma on
Q: Do I have the rights to get out of my car if I think it's on fire, while a cop has me stopped for speeding?

I got stopped for speeding and my car started smoking and I got out to check to see if my car was on fire or if it was just steaming, the officer was in his car running my licenses and writing a ticket.

Charles Watts
Charles Watts answered on Feb 8, 2021

The question posed sounds like you got in trouble for exiting your car during a traffic stop. However, your facts leave too much for interpretation. In short, if your car is on fire, you are not required to sit in it and burn to death, nor would any law enforcement officer expect you to. On the... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Copyright for Oklahoma on
Q: I'm creating a game and I am hiring developers. I want to make something where it doensnt allow devs to leak them.
Barbara Berschler
Barbara Berschler answered on May 4, 2020

It will be important to have a written agreement in place before any work is performed that obligates the developer to keep the trade secrets associated with the development/launch of your website as well as keeping secret other information before you are ready to make anything public. Often such... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Copyright and Trademark for Oklahoma on
Q: I want to use the word gunmetal in my salon name. But it shows the word gunmetal has been trademarked. Can I still use i
Tania Maria Williams
Tania Maria Williams answered on Feb 3, 2020

Your ability to use the word "gunmetal" depends on its use within your mark and the other mark. Examining attorneys look at the mark itself as well as the class of goods or services in which the mark is being (or will be) used. I would suggest enlisting the services of a trademark... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Copyright for Oklahoma on
Q: Can I sell, or negotiate a co-ownership, of a product with the company that owns the copyright to the product I made?
Marcos Garciaacosta
Marcos Garciaacosta answered on Sep 9, 2019

depending on what you are trying to accomplish, yes

it would be a license, you pay upfront and/or royalties on units sold.

consult with an attorney to get a better assessment of your options and risks.

1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law, Copyright and Criminal Law for Oklahoma on
Q: What does PHA stand fir
Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Aug 30, 2019

It could stand for any number of things. It could be something dealing with Public Health, Public Housing, or possibly based on the name of a city or town. It's anyone's guess. If you received something that looks legal or formal that contains the abbreviation, contact the sender and ask... Read more »

Q: decorating false fingernail to sell, can a provisional patent application be filed, for process, false fingernail use
Kevin E. Flynn
Kevin E. Flynn answered on Jul 10, 2019

You can file a provisional patent application and say patent pending for a year but that may not be a long-term fix. In order for the patent process to be valuable to you, you need to get claims in a non-provisional application through the examination process. You will need to show that what you... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law, Contracts and Copyright for Oklahoma on
Q: They is a woman that is flirt with a married man that is my husband

Me and my husband have two kids and this woman that has been hitting on my husband she dose not care

Kyle Persaud
Kyle Persaud answered on May 28, 2019

If all that this woman is doing is flirting with your husband, that's not illegal.

2 Answers | Asked in Copyright, Criminal Law and Family Law for Oklahoma on
Q: Is it legal for me to submit an email conversation, that occurred between two other parties, in a request to produce?


Email conversation occurred between my ex (person 1) and a girl I was dating (person2).

I am in discovery phase with person 1. It is a modification of custody case.

Person 2 forwarded me the emails. With permission to use them. Person 2 also indicated in the emails,... Read more »

Pete David Louden
Pete David Louden answered on Nov 18, 2017

Show the documents to your attorney. After looking at what you have, they will be able to tell you if the emails are responsive to the discovery question.

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1 Answer | Asked in Copyright and Trademark for Oklahoma on
Q: I am having a logo created for a startup company and I find a image on google that I want it to look exactly like...

Is that okay?

Will Blackton
Will Blackton answered on Aug 10, 2017

It is not legally permissible to have someone recreate an image exactly or copy an image directly to use for your logo. Contact the artist who created the image that you want to use and see if you can purchase the rights to use that image for your logo.

1 Answer | Asked in Copyright for Oklahoma on
Q: Does copyright infringement apply to lyrics if they are translated into a different language and altered mostly?

I wanted to know if infringement applied to lyrics that are translated to a different language and altered more than the translated words with the same meaning. For example, if a line in Korean hangul said "Hajimalgul geuraessuh mo reunchuk haebuhligul"

Which translates in English... Read more »

Benton R Patterson III
Benton R Patterson III answered on Aug 8, 2017

You have likely created a derivative work, a work that is based on one or more previous works. The copyright owner has the exclusive right to prepare derivative works. By doing so, you likely infringe the songwriter's copyright.

1 Answer | Asked in Copyright, Intellectual Property and Patents (Intellectual Property) for Oklahoma on
Q: Is it legal to 3D Model off a patent?

Is it legal to 3D Model off a patent, especially if it's expired?

Is it a copyright or trademark infringement if i share pics of the 3D model?

Peter D. Mlynek
Peter D. Mlynek answered on Aug 4, 2017

If a patent is expired, then whatever is in the patent is generally considered in public domain, meaning, that anyone should be able to use it. There may be some weird exception to this, but that is the whole idea behind patents: the inventor discloses the invention to the society, and return the... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Copyright, Employment Law and Communications Law for Oklahoma on
Q: Can a company publish my article in their yearly publication after firing me, without crediting me or permission?

I was employed by a destination marketing organization. I was terminated because I believe they wanted to hire someone who required a much lower salary, but they blamed performance. I did not underperform, in fact, much of what I accomplished there is still benefiting them. For example, I wrote an... Read more »

Will Blackton
Will Blackton answered on Feb 22, 2017

I'm only going to address the portion of your question relating to copyright law, that is: can your former employer legally publish your article without crediting you? Yes, almost certainly.

This is known as "work for hire." In the case of a work made for hire, copyright law...
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1 Answer | Asked in Copyright for Oklahoma on
Q: Copyright Infringement. I am an Etsy seller, I was contacted by another shop claiming to own a copyright.

The other Etsy owner has a copyright titled "Bathroom Rules" and has been contacting any Etsy seller with a listing with the same title. I was told that she could only copyright her overall image, because the list is made of up of common phrases such as "hang up your towel" or... Read more »

Mr. Michael O. Stevens
Mr. Michael O. Stevens answered on Mar 3, 2016

First, she would have to have already registered the work. You might ask her for a copy of the registration so you can see how close it is. Likely she has not registered, but if she has, then sit down with a local copyright attorney to examine how close the works are.

1 Answer | Asked in Copyright for Oklahoma on
Q: Can i get sued for downloading a torrent file?

Can i get sued for downloading a movie from a torrent

Vincent Thomas Lyon
Vincent Thomas Lyon answered on Apr 22, 2011

Short answer is yes.

In the past, MPAA has gone after people who host torrents because they are easier to find and sue, but there's nothing in the law preventing them from suing the downloaders as well.

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