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COVID-19 Landlord - Tenant Questions & Answers
1 Answer | Asked in Real Estate Law and Landlord - Tenant for Oregon on
Q: Seller of a rented home wants the buyer to take over as tenant 30 days after closing. What can new owners do to renters?

Seller says a 90 day notice to vacate will be given once the house closes. I don't think the renters are paying rent but I am not sure. Is there anyway to get them to vacate by offering money to leave the rental once we take ownership without having to go through an eviction? How long could we... Read more »

Gregory L Abbott
Gregory L Abbott answered on May 3, 2021

Sure - anything (more or less) that you and the tenants can agree to is likely to work - bribery has long proven an effective way to accomplish some goals. BUT if you are the buyer, with all due respect, you are crazy if you don't make the seller getting the tenants out (instead of you) as a... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for Oregon on
Q: Please letting is know how to legally avoid to pay the reallocation assistance fee to tenant under the below situation?

We are the landlords of a house that has rented to tenant in Portland. The original lease date was on October 01, 2018 to October 01, 2019. After the leasing ended, we renewed the lease with tenant and the lease would end on April 01, 2021. However, on March 15, 2021, we sent to tenant a lease... Read more »

Gregory L Abbott
Gregory L Abbott answered on May 3, 2021

You appear to be just racking up potential violations that may come back to haunt you. You don't say what the existing/now expired lease provides regarding renewal but within the City of Portland, a landlord is required to offer a renewal lease unless you meet specific criteria. And in all... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Real Estate Law and Landlord - Tenant for Georgia on
Q: what happens after lease is terminated but tenant didn't move out.

I am the landlord, lease is terminated with tenant. My lease has plenty for terminating early and hold over fee as well. I notified my tenant with letter and email. He acknowledged. He didn't move out since he wasn't able to get a place. I let him stay due to covid. Know he give me 60... Read more »

Anthony M. Avery
Anthony M. Avery answered on May 3, 2021

You have made a mistake. Hire a competent attorney to file an eviction action for possession only today. You are only loosing rent monies dealing with the tenant in this fashion.

1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant, Civil Litigation and Civil Rights for Virginia on

LL wont cooperate with Tenant in COVID Rent Relief Pgm (Reqd by Va and CDC Moratorium Rules)

Managed to get Eviction DISMISSED BUT:

How can I force them to cooperate with RRP before resource pool is depleted!

F. Paul Maloof
F. Paul Maloof answered on May 1, 2021

The likelihood to force anyone to do anything these days is slim to none. You may be able to file a formal complaint against the landlord with the Office of the Virginia Attorney General in Richmond, VA.

2 Answers | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for Virginia on
Q: Landlord sent certified letter saying she sold the property and wants us to move out. Am only 1 1/2 years into 3yr lease

Is this legal? Especially with covid?

Steven Krieger
Steven Krieger answered on Apr 28, 2021

Selling a property is not a reason to terminate a lease unless there is a specific provision in the lease agreement, so I don't believe you have to leave. If you want to leave early, it sounds like the landlord is willing to agree to a release and maybe even pay you to leave, but if you want... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for Oregon on
Q: I need to sell a rental and understand I can if the purchaser moves in and I give tenant 90 day notice. True?

tenants have lived there for over a year and are on month to month. Looks like I can sell the unit if who ever purchases it moves in, and I give the tenants 90 notice. I know I will have to pay the moving costs Portland makes landlords pay the tenants.

Gregory L Abbott
Gregory L Abbott answered on Apr 27, 2021

Yes, even with the current Covid restrictions, a landlord can sell the rental dwelling if they jump through all the correct hoops. You must first have accepted an offer to buy the property and have the buyer certify that they intend to occupy the property as their primary residence. Then, you... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for Oregon on
Q: Can I challenge a declaration of an inability to pay rent for someone who rents a room in my residence and is employed?

He has been employed for most of Covid and received a stack o f unemployment checks for that time. His rent includes all of his bills, so he only pays for his food. He has not paid me any rent since June of 2020. He refuses to move out and refuses to clean. He tries to instgate fight to try to get... Read more »

Gregory L Abbott
Gregory L Abbott answered on Apr 23, 2021

No, part of the Covid moratorium laws re landlord-tenant specify that a tenant's declaration regarding inability to pay rent cannot be challenged in court. But it does sound as if you may have grounds for issuing for cause termination notices - and they are not prohibited during Covid (except... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for Oregon on
Q: LL sent 2 unlawful no-cause eviction notices last year I just got a 90 day notice because she’s moving back. Legal?

Last summer I first got a 30 day notice and after I sent her info showing it wasn’t legal she sent me a 90 day notice. Still unlawful. I believe she was looking to give whatever legal reason for evicting me so she said she was moving back in. . Some months have gone by and today I got a new 90... Read more »

Gregory L Abbott
Gregory L Abbott answered on Apr 23, 2021

Yes. There was a time under the Covid restrictions when all no-cause terminations were prohibited but no longer. Further, at the moment at least, almost all Covid moratorium restrictions re landlord-tenant law in Oregon are scheduled to expire as of the end of June. Depending upon the details of... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for Oregon on
Q: Portland. Sublet to roommate, multiple lease violations. Gave 30 day notice to vacate, allowed? Will court even process?

Thank you for your help. No cause 30-day notice seems to be unenforceable until after 06/30/21 based on HB 4401. Roommate smoking which is causing health issues for other roommate in same house. Should I give for cause instead? Is 30 days allowed when in the same dwelling unit? I'm subletting... Read more »

Gregory L Abbott
Gregory L Abbott answered on Apr 22, 2021

First, be careful as subletting violates most lease agreements, at least without your landlord's express permission. Most no cause terminations are prohibited during Covid. Most for cause terminations are allowed (except for failure to pay rent) during Covid. The question is whether you have... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for Tennessee on
Q: Due to Covid can my landlord give me 60 days to move out because she sold the house without telling us she was selling?

She called us to tell us we have 60 days to vacate. We didn’t even know that she was selling the house. I have 4 kids and my mom lives with us. Please help. I don’t know what to do.

Bennett James Wills
Bennett James Wills answered on Apr 21, 2021

The answer is in your lease. If you still have a lease term then she cannot evict you for selling the house. If, however, you are on a month-month lease, then perhaps she can give you proper notice to vacate. The owner does not need your permission to sell the house; but any buyer of the property... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for Oregon on
Q: We own a house just outside city of Milwaukie, OR. Renter now over $12k behind and has stopped paying altogether.

Does Oregon law allow us to sell the property during COVID crisis? We know penalties for selling may be stiff but have not been able to find out what they may be in our area. Tenant has lived over one year and annual lease is up on June 30, 2021.

Thank you.

Gregory L Abbott
Gregory L Abbott answered on Apr 19, 2021

When you say your rental property is "just outside of city of Milwaukie", I am interpreting that to mean it is not within the Portland city limits (Portland rules are different). You are free to sell your home anytime, regardless of Covid. If the buyer wishes to use it as investment... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for New Jersey on
Q: Landlord selling the house. The new owners want the whole house. Do I have to move under the covid relief thats in order
Morris Leo Greb
Morris Leo Greb answered on Apr 18, 2021

If you have a written lease, you may remain in the residence until the maturity date stated in the lease. If you are a tenant for a term up to a year. You may remain the premises until the renewal date. If you are month to month, the owner may obtain possession if the landlord follows statutory... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for Kansas on
Q: Hi What is the statue of limitations for suing a landlord for breach of the rental contract. I’m in Kansas. Thank you
Scott C. Stockwell
Scott C. Stockwell answered on Apr 5, 2021

The statute of limitation for an action based upon a written agreement is 5 years. If the agreement was oral, it would be 3 years. There may be some statutory rights (e.g., Landlord Tenant) that are involved in which case the statute of limitations would generally be three years. If the statutory... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for Florida on
Q: Can a landlord verbally tell me is selling the house I am renting? Can he schedule showings during pandemic?

My lease expires in June 30. He told me is selling but he did not give me a writing note. He is scheduling shows but I am very concern because I am 65 years old.

Terrence H Thorgaard
Terrence H Thorgaard answered on Apr 3, 2021

Yes, your landlord can show the house assuming he gives you reasonable notice. Obviously you can require the visitors to observe measures (wearing of masks, etc.) to protect you from infection.

1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for Michigan on
Q: I am up to date on paying my rent. My landlord has called me saying he has a buyer for the house and wants me out

Does the covid act help me for more time on getting out?

Michael Zamzow
Michael Zamzow answered on Apr 3, 2021

It is possible there are pandemic related protections in place, but those are ephemeral and case-by-location.

Here are some key points to be aware of:

(1) If you have a lease, with a defined term (for example until July 1, 2021), it is likely the landlord CANNOT remove you for any...
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1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant, Real Estate Law and Environmental for Michigan on
Q: Do I have a right to request termination of lease, before my move in date, if landlord is not responding to concerns?

Do I have a right to request termination of lease, before my move in date, if no one is responding to these concerns? I found pests(bedbugs) of what I believe to be an infestation as I was cleaning the unit. I have proof and I’ve contacted the agent and the Property Manager and sent them... Read more »

Michael Zamzow
Michael Zamzow answered on Mar 31, 2021

There's quite a lot of misconception around landlord and tenant laws. The Michigan Landlord Tenant handbook should be easy to find and will have some helpful information in it.

Anytime you break a contract, with a complete defense or not, you're risking retaliation (balance that...
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1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for Florida on
Q: My landlord sold the property. Does he have the right to make me move out during the pandemic if it leaves me homeless.
Barry W. Kaufman
Barry W. Kaufman answered on Mar 31, 2021

If you have a lease with the old landlord, the new owner must honor your lease. When your lease expires, you must leave unless the new owner and you enter into a new lease. The owner is not obligated in any way to let you stay 1 minute after your lease expires. It's up to you to find a new... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for Maryland on
Q: I live in MD and I have filed a breach of lease against the tenant who I am renting my house to.

When I filed the form for eviction at District court, I check marked the box for 14 days breach of lease causing imminent danger. Is it possible to change the eviction notice to 30 days for breach of lease?

Also if I filed my case on January 25th and I issued a notice to quit/vacate... Read more »

Leonard A Englander
Leonard A Englander answered on Mar 30, 2021

That's a whole bunch of questions. In regards to the 14 days, if there is danger of imminent damage/harm, then yes, you could go for the 14 day notice.

In regards to will the judge really look at the notice: it depends on the judge, but yes, they should certainly be looking at it....
Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for Ohio on
Q: My mom has been in her home 6 years the landlord said his family wants to sell. Wants her out so they can update it.

Nowhere on the lease does it say they might sell the home. He said he would give her a good reference. Were in the middle of a pandemic. She can't find a home under stress and the landlord wants to start remodeling so he told her he really needs her to find a place. What are her rights

Joseph Jaap
Joseph Jaap answered on Mar 29, 2021

The landlord must honor the terms of the written lease until it expires. But when the lease term expires, if the tenant does not vacate, then the landlord can file for an eviction. If the lease has already expired, then the landlord can give 30 days written notice to terminate the lease at the... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for Oregon on
Q: Can a landlord raise rent during the pandemic moratorium in Oregon?
Gregory L Abbott
Gregory L Abbott answered on Mar 25, 2021

As long as the normal rules are followed - adequate, lawful notice; the raise is within the maximum allowed; etc. Nothing in the Covid moratorium prohibits raising rent.

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