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California Libel & Slander Questions & Answers
1 Answer | Asked in Health Care Law, Libel & Slander, Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury for California on
Q: Can a Hospital remove and seal your medical records from you and a lawyer and the courts?

I am a victim of the Talc Powder lawsuits. I underwent a total hysterectomy, there were post operative complications. The doctor who preformed the surgery was brought up on 2 malpractice lawsuits that I knew nothing about. Resultantly being fired from the hospital and loosing the benefit of... Read more »

Dale S. Gribow
Dale S. Gribow answered on Feb 27, 2021

your lawyer should address this issue for you.

it is not something you should be responsible for doing.

2 Answers | Asked in Landlord - Tenant and Libel & Slander for California on
Q: Can a lawyer evict me on defective 3 day and 30 day both overstated I served motion to dismiss the judge agreed with

But gave them 5 days to amend and all they did was add a sentence in the original complaint by saying we were told of changes in rate that's untrue because 95 % of our bookings were thru and priceline. Despite the settlement I was pressured to sign. I've later discovered many... Read more »

William John Light
William John Light answered on Feb 8, 2021

If you have "signed" some kind of agreement to vacate or have been evicted after a hearing, then your case is over unless you appeal.

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1 Answer | Asked in Employment Law and Libel & Slander for California on
Q: A couple of people at work feel uncomfortable with me sitting in my car for a few minutes when we all leave.


Neil Pedersen
Neil Pedersen answered on Feb 5, 2021

Yes. First seek professional help to deal with the emotions you are feeling and the breakdown you described. Your post suggests it is really having a bad impact on you.

As to being asked to park somewhere else, there is nothing unlawful about that request. Nor is it unlawful for the...
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1 Answer | Asked in Internet Law, Libel & Slander and Criminal Law for California on
Q: One of my social media followers has been harassing me for 3+ years and I don't talk to her. How can I get her to stop?

She has been "stalking" me for 4-5 years. She follows all my business/social media activity and anytime I do something, she spams negative reviews, makes defamatory comments about me, has messaged 50+ of my friends/colleagues speaking poorly of me. This is hurting my business because... Read more »

Theodore Allan Greene
Theodore Allan Greene answered on Jan 14, 2021

You can get a civil restraining order. You can sue her as well. You have a very tough row to hoe.

1 Answer | Asked in Real Estate Law, Collections, Legal Malpractice and Libel & Slander for California on
Q: What to do if an attorney added a person to an Abstract of Judgment illegally and recorded it?

My present husband was erroneously added to an Abstract of Judgment against me from my ex husband. Now his sole and separate property which he purchased with inherited funds has a cloud on it's title. The attorney for my ex husband has continuously filed and recorded documents with no legal basis.

Kenneth Sisco
Kenneth Sisco answered on Dec 29, 2020

There are too many variables and unknowns to give you a conclusive and complete answer, but we can move towards one. An abstract of Judgment is supposed to accurately reflect the terms of the Original Judgment. Accordingly, your first task is to compare the Abstract to the Judgment. If your... Read more »

2 Answers | Asked in Criminal Law, Domestic Violence, Libel & Slander and Sexual Harassment for California on
Q: Is there any way extortion can be justified?

I was involved in a domestic violence/sexual assault incident with someone whom was once close to me. I wrote to him "If you do not pay me back, I will have you arrested". I did not know of extortion, so I didn't know it would be an issue until the detective on my case brought it up.... Read more »

Neil Pedersen
Neil Pedersen answered on Nov 20, 2020

You committed extortion when you threatened to call the police if you were not paid. That does not change whether you have a meritorious and valuable legal claim for the wrongdoing that was being done. It just gives the "victim" of the extortion the right to file a lawsuit against you,... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Libel & Slander for California on
Q: Business defamation

I own a cosmetic brand in the usa and there's a popular app that evaluates safety of cosmetic products. It rated my products badly and stated they're not safe to use because they contain certain ingredients. These ingredients are researched to be toxic in certain concentrations, which is... Read more »

Robert Philip Cogan
Robert Philip Cogan answered on Nov 8, 2020

Many do-it-yourself options do not work in a scenario like this. This fact statement by itself does not appear to establish whether or not a legal a legal wrong has been committed. Many legal and practical matters need to by considered.

If you are not content to incur any losses resulting...
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3 Answers | Asked in Car Accidents, Civil Rights, Criminal Law and Libel & Slander for California on
Q: My car was stolen early sat morning. The police are not willing to write us a stolen car report?

My car was stolen early Saturday morning, my keys were in the car, I was at a friend's house with two other people my wife was home the whole night, we have full coverage responsible and non responsible full coverage insurance, the car is completely paid off and only worth a couple thousand... Read more »

William John Light
William John Light answered on Nov 8, 2020

You can make a "counter report" that you write yourself. The police appear to be questioning your story. Making a false police report and insurance fraud are crimes. Tread carefully.

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1 Answer | Asked in Libel & Slander, Personal Injury and Admiralty / Maritime for California on
Q: I was in a boat fire where my friend & I were severely burned. It was almost 2 years ago and I need to find a lawyer.

My friend and I were in a boat fire on another friend's boat. We were intubated and we're in a coma for a little while. I still have permanent scars & cognitive dysfunction because of this. I need a lawyer to help me file a claim for damages, medical bills as soon as possible.

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Oct 13, 2020

I'm sorry for your injuries from this terrible boat fire. I agree with Mr. Webb and Mr. Gribow - you need to act immediately. There will be a number of issues for your attorney to sort out quickly. If this boating accident occurred on navigable waters, it could introduce unique issues of... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Health Care Law, Insurance Bad Faith, Libel & Slander and Personal Injury for California on
Q: A notice of suspension. (NOS) to Poppy Trails Trailer par pursuant health and safety code18510 & 18511 18870.11 18870.12

Health and safety code section 18510 18511 and or 18870.11 18870.12

Notices on dates January 1, 2016. October 25th 2018 and May 27th 2020 ordering you to renew your expired PTO or to be subject to the PTO suspension of civil penalties and criminal procedures penalties including dates on the... Read more »

Dale S. Gribow
Dale S. Gribow answered on Sep 27, 2020




1 Answer | Asked in Civil Litigation, Libel & Slander and Personal Injury for California on
Q: How do I obtain records from county agencies and workers names who falsify my records? How do i pursue justice.

I have been victimized and in 2015 I was assessed for human trafficking, did a task force report with a social worker non profit. subsequent crimes of stalking harassment and manipulation escalat. I was referred to numerous non profits alleging to help me but instead persecuted me on paper with... Read more »

Dale S. Gribow
Dale S. Gribow answered on Sep 26, 2020




1 Answer | Asked in Personal Injury and Libel & Slander for California on
Q: My brother stalks me he's destroyed my life. He uses his position as manager at AAA get info about me. Can i stop him?

The DMV instructed me to surrender the plates on my car and they issued me different plates. The new plates are personalized plates that i didn't order. The message on the plates is a terrorist threat. The plates contain the letters PBK along with the years my daughter's were born. To me... Read more »

Dale S. Gribow
Dale S. Gribow answered on Sep 16, 2020

much more info needed.

it is not the type of matter I handle.

i would not post info on an open forum like this that anyone can access.

you need to make an appointment with a lawyer in your area of the state....but I suspect lawyers will only take a matter like this on an...
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1 Answer | Asked in Libel & Slander for California on
Q: daughter bought car, let friend use with conditions, friend broke the conditions, she took car back,friend threat to sue

friend wants monies she paid on loan back while she had car, she damaged car while in her possession, is this possible or can daughter sue her for damages to car and monies still owed on car since she broke conditions?

Maurice Mandel II
Maurice Mandel II answered on Sep 14, 2020

First, you cannot libel or slander a car. This is a breach of contract. Your daughter can sue for breach of contract, if less than $10,000, can sue in small claims. Hope she has all these conditions in writing, dated and signed by the person to be charged.

Justia disclaimers below,...
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2 Answers | Asked in Libel & Slander and Civil Litigation for California on

I'm currently a PA resident, and a CA resident gave me a cease-and-desist letter, expressing his intent to sue me for libel (because of an online petition I wrote about him in February 2016).

However, I learned that California's statute of limitations for libel is 1 year, but it... Read more »

Jonathan S. Dennis
Jonathan S. Dennis answered on Sep 10, 2020

A defamation (libel and/or slander) lawsuit must be filed within one year after the defendant first communicated each defamatory statement to a person other than the plaintiff. See California Code of Civil Procedure § 340(c).

There are exceptions, but not because a Defendant is out of...
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1 Answer | Asked in Libel & Slander for California on
Q: My co-worker made false accusations, informed management things I never said or done, can I file defamation against her?

I had minimal interactions with my co-worker. If we met to discuss issues, there's 3rd staff presented at the same time. The co-worker complained to the management team that I insulted her and blamed her. I told manager let's meet and clarify what she's claiming because my... Read more »

Maurice Mandel II
Maurice Mandel II answered on Sep 2, 2020

You can file against her, and if you win, you can seek to collect against whatever assets she has that are subject to levy, which, in the case of a co-worker, may not be much. Defamation is not so easy to prove, you have to prove the statements made were FACTS, that she KNEW they were FALSE when... Read more »

2 Answers | Asked in Libel & Slander and Civil Litigation for California on
Q: Can I counter sue if I am being defamed by another employee that was fired?

An employee that was fired sued the company for wrongful termination and states that I was a liar. I believe I am being defamed. When she sued the company my name was included in the lawsuit. I was given a DISC-001 Interrogatories general form. It has plaintiffs information ad well as JAMS case... Read more »

Neil Pedersen
Neil Pedersen answered on Aug 28, 2020

You cannot sue someone for defamation arising out of allegations in a lawsuit. There is a litigation privilege that would kill your claim as soon as it was filed. Your only possible recourse for being sued and suffering emotional distress from the lawsuit is if you could state a meritorious claim... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Employment Law, Libel & Slander and Sexual Harassment for California on
Q: Do i have a defamation case against my employer?


My name is Martin. I would like information in regards to filing a defamataion case against my employer. I have received final vacation pay and my employee status on ADP states "Terminated". I have not received any paper work from my employer. I believe that the termination... Read more »

Neil Pedersen
Neil Pedersen answered on Aug 28, 2020

Unfortunately there is nothing in your post that would suggest that you have a meritorious claim for defamation against your employer.

First, the employee who accused you of sexual harassment had a protected right to do so, and your employer has a legal duty to take her charge seriously....
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2 Answers | Asked in Car Accidents, Criminal Law, Federal Crimes and Libel & Slander for California on
Q: Scared to pull over after a minor car accident because of possible violent reaction from the other person involved.

Let's say I got in a minor car accident and the other driver is acting angry and possibly violent. Could you keep driving (essentially making it a hit and run) because you felt unsafe to pull over and get out of the car? Is there a legal way to do this? Like calling the cops to explain the... Read more »

Maurice Mandel II
Maurice Mandel II answered on Aug 27, 2020

"Assumptions are the mother of all Foul ups." If you are assuming that the other driver would react violently and just take off, you are at fault for a hit and run. BUT, if you pull over with your windows up and the other driver makes any kind of overt act of violence, you would be... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Libel & Slander for California on
Q: Can I sue a person who was party to a restraining order and he served it to me
Maurice Mandel II
Maurice Mandel II answered on Aug 22, 2020

Judge told me "You can sue a ham sandwich." But if you want to win, you have to have a recognizable claim. Insufficient information to determine. What is your damage? What is your relationship to the people on the Order? Are you named on the Order? Why were you served? Like many... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Employment Law and Libel & Slander for California on
Q: can i sue for defamation of character if coworker took my picture with ill intent, to get me fired, and retaliate

Co worker sent my photo to the manager, I might have nodded off for a min or so but def did not sleep with witnesses.

I was suspended and asked to return back to work as there was no basis, and witnesses says otherwise.I am also being asked to sign some paperworks with regards to the... Read more »

Neil Pedersen
Neil Pedersen answered on Aug 17, 2020

Sorry, but sending an unaltered picture of you at work is not defamation. There is nothing unlawful about a co-worker sending a picture of you resting to the boss. Whistleblowing is a very defined protection. Telling the boss about others sleeping at work will not get you whistleblower... Read more »

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