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Maryland Libel & Slander Questions & Answers
1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: Can a video be posted

I was recorded on video tape taking a tablet at the gym. I returned it.

the tablet has been there for over a week I thought it was a forgotten item.

Can the video be posted? On social media

Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley
answered on Feb 17, 2024

You were in a publicly accessible place, not in a place where you had an expectation of privacy. So yes, it could be posted. However, if the posting intentionally or suggestively puts you in a false light, such as accusing you of being a thief, you might have a defamation of character claim, and... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Litigation and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: I would like some more information about a possible defamation suit please if possible. Thank you

My ex is spreading nasty rumors about myself and my friends that have severely damaging my reputation and mental health. I would like to get more information on the best way for me to proceed.

Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley
answered on Dec 22, 2023

If you want quick action to stop his behavior, then I suggest you contact a lawyer to discuss whether his specific conduct meets the legal standards for obtaining a court order for protection from domestic violence. Such orders are available to prohibit harassment, stalking, threats, assaults and... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Employment Law and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: Can my former employer share my wage garnishment with customer and employees?

My former employer received a wage garnishment on me from a past debt. She is actually handing it to customers and employees talking badly on me.

3 customers and 2 employees have come to me about this. I am so embarrassed.

Maurice Mandel II
Maurice Mandel II
answered on Aug 1, 2023

You should speak with a local attorney that practices in this jurisdiction. Many states have confidentiality rules with respect to wage garnishments, and these are not public documents, others are different. Whichever, these are clearly being revealed for the purpose of negatively impacting your... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law, Employment Law, Personal Injury and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: Is there any way to compel the company to give me the name of the person who made a false statement against me?

I work for a ride-share company and recently had my account deactivated because a rider lied that I had drugs with the intent to sell. This is absolutely false. I need to know the name of the rider who defamed me, but the company will not share the contact information for the rider. Is there any... View More

Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley
answered on Jul 4, 2023

You will need to discuss the issue with an employment attorney, and explore whether you have a wrongful termination lawsuit or other type of claim you can file. In a civil legal action you can compel responses to interrogatories (written questions that must be answered under oath), demand... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights, Constitutional Law and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: What can done to stop someone from using a police scanner and sharing crime, accident and out of context info on f book?

Someone created a Facebook page and he listens to a police scanner and posts their audio, follows police to crime scenes and accidents. Etc. He reposts out of context info. Reposts deaths before family’s are notified. He claims it’s to keep the community safe but he tarnishes individual and... View More

Ronald V. Miller Jr.
Ronald V. Miller Jr. pro label Lawyers, want to be a Justia Connect Pro too? Learn more ›
answered on Apr 4, 2023

It can be frustrating and concerning when someone shares sensitive information on social media platforms, particularly when it involves crime, accidents, and personal details. But these are the perils of having the 1st Amendment. I don't think you have any reasonable path to stop what he is... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Personal Injury and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: I’m making a YouTube video talking about what my ex did to me in our relationship. Not using his name, could I get sued?

Could o be sued for defamation of character even tho I’m not using his name in my videos?

Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley
answered on Mar 8, 2023

(1) Truth is a complete defense to a suit for defamation/libel. Revealing private medial or health information about someone, or their SSN or other private personal information, may give rise to a invasion of privacy or harassment claim, even if the statements are true.

(2) Defamatory...
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1 Answer | Asked in Divorce, Appeals / Appellate Law and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: "Brief to Appellate Court shall be securely bound along left margin". What is the standard way of doing it for judges?

Are there any photographs of properly bound briefs, so that I know how to conform to what is expected? Maryland Rules do not go into sufficient detail.

I have been forced to be a Pro Se defendant, in appealing to the Appellate Court of MD. My wife, a former attorney, has successfully... View More

Charles William Michaels
Charles William Michaels
answered on Mar 6, 2023

The brief should be "spiral bound" along the left margin. Staples are not accepted. Any quality copy center or brief printer should be able to help you. And if you are the appellant--the brief cover must be yellow, as well as the record extract. The brief should be printed on ONLY one... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights, Appeals / Appellate Law, Domestic Violence and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: I had someone who FALSELY filed a Peace order on me back in 2019. Can I still get a transcript and legal action.

In 2019 she filed a peace order on me lying what happen. Right after court I got messages on xbox of her telling me she lied and she only did it to keep me away bc she was had a bf and but she was the one trying to see me. I have multiple forms of proof and got told I cant remove it off my record... View More

Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley
answered on Feb 12, 2023

That's 4 years ago now. Statute of limitations for filing a claim for civil abuse of process is 3 years from the date the claim arose, which is the date she filed the false petition or the date it was finally adjudicated in your favor, as is any other civil claim you might come up with to sue... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Employment Law, Criminal Law and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: My employer filed a false police report against me. How can i sue for defamation and slander?

I was fired from my job and my employer went to the police and filed a false police report that was slanderous and defamation of character. They also choose to not pay me for my last week of employment. The case is ongoing with the police. I gave them all the proof of my innocence.

Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley
answered on Jan 3, 2023

First things first: hire a criminal defense attorney and focus on defendin and winning the criminal case. Until you win that, and avoid a conviction and possible jail, you have no viable civil suit. If you beat the criminal case, then discuss possible civil claims against your employer, but not... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: Is it still extortion if the threat is to press charges for an illegal act?
Scott Scherr
Scott Scherr
answered on Feb 25, 2022

It is not extortion to say that you are going to press charges for harassment unless the person stops bothering you. It is extortion to say that unless the person pays you $50,000, you are going to file charges for harassment.

1 Answer | Asked in Estate Planning, Real Estate Law, Libel & Slander and Probate for Maryland on
Q: I inherited a house that I lived in with my mom for 30 years it’s not been transferred to myself and sister yet

She is the executioner of the will but she has been stealing valuables from the house so I added security cameras and she is making false claims she didn’t go through my personal possessions can I have her removed as the executive of the will? She inherited the house in a 50/50 split? Until it... View More

Shaneka Johnson
Shaneka Johnson
answered on Jan 13, 2022

The personal representative of a estate is give certain authorities in the will. It is common for the PR to have authority to enter into contract and collect rents on property in the estate for the benefit of the estate. If you are not on the deed and are not the PR your rights have not fully... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Personal Injury and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: How detailed should complaint for Slander be if filing in District Court. Make sure I'm not presenting argument.

I want to give enough detail so the judge knows I have a serious issue that needs the court's judgment but I do not want to be presenting arguement.

Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley
answered on Oct 16, 2021

The cause of action in Maryland is called “defamation of character” and it encompasses both verbal (slander) and written (libel) defamatory statements. A sufficient statement of a cause of action requires that you allege sufficient facts to meet each element of the cause of action. You must... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Elder Law, Libel & Slander and Nursing Home Abuse for Maryland on
Q: I was involuntarily discharged skilled nursing. While I was getting emergency care

They are refusing to send paperwork to another so I can go to another

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar
answered on Jan 24, 2021

I'm sorry this happened to you. A Maryland attorney could advise best, but your question remains open for a number of weeks. As a GENERAL matter nationwide, patient discharges are often one-sided decisions. The patient may have certain recourses such as appealing or working with a... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: Can a group home resident take pictures, inside the home, of another resident without permission and post on line?
Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar
answered on Oct 26, 2020

This is really something that an attorney who deals with image rights, image usage, releases, invasion of privacy would know about - the copyright attorneys here probably know the most about this. But your question remains open for a month. Until you are able to speak with an attorney who is... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Juvenile Law and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: My 14 year old son was accused of sexual assault in the middle of class. After the investigation and no evidence the

court dropped the case. That is including no witnesses. Her parents petition and had it reopened. There is no new evidence and we moved from Maryland to Texas. At what point does this become harassment or slander? At the beginning of this we were upfront with the planned move. So it wasn't... View More

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar
answered on Aug 29, 2020

A Maryland attorney should advise you on this, but your question remains open for two weeks and time is likely of the essence in any reply or appearance you might need to arrange for. While this is not something you don't already know, it would be advisable for you to consult with an attorney... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Landlord - Tenant and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: Good afternoon. This is a mix of landlord-tenant and person injury. I'm from the state of Maryland. Here are the basics

a/c not working

2. She came on the morning of July 21st with an HVAC tech. The HVAC tech told her there was a problem, but I don't know the full extent. All she told me was the coils needed to be replaced, because the unit is 25 years old that was impossible so I assume she was told... View More

J. D. A.
J. D. A.
answered on Aug 6, 2020

It depends on what exactly the libel, fraud, and intimidation were, what the surrounding circumstances were, and what damages you incurred.

2 Answers | Asked in Libel & Slander and Civil Litigation for Maryland on
Q: Can I sue in Maryland for loss wages, attorney fee, emotional distress, slander, etc

Hi. I’m a 22 year old female who’s life was flipped

Upside down. My ex charged me with theft over 100k, embezzlement, and theft scheme after I broke up with him. I was indicted, arrested, and two years later my case was nolle prosequi.

My ex never told the state’s attorney... View More

Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley
answered on Mar 29, 2020

Yes, you can sue. There are recognized "causes of action" that provide the legal basis for a recovery of damages (even though there may be several such grounds, you can only recover one set of damages). It's not so much proving the amount of damages, but collecting them if the... View More

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1 Answer | Asked in Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: In your opinion are libel cases easy to win? Is it easier to win a libel case in the UK?
Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley
answered on Sep 24, 2019

Depends on the facts. Some are easier to prove than others. Few are worth the time and money to pursue because damages are often difficult to establish in sufficient quantity to justify the effort. The UK has more favorable libel laws than the US if you are the person suing. You cannot sue in... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Libel & Slander and Juvenile Law for Maryland on
Q: A friend is a senior he did a senior prank and drew on car windows marking the year he graduates, cops were called later
William Jaksa
William Jaksa
answered on Sep 9, 2019

A few issues here, there is a common-law defence of Prank available, a criminal lawyer should be able to find the relevant case law to assist. Also, your friend may want to consider some restitution to compensate the vehicle owners for any damage or costs. See the article below for more on... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Animal / Dog Law and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: Can animal control take a dog that was given to me to rehome?

A man on Craigslist who lives in VA was rehoming his German Shepherd due to allergies according to the ad. He originally wanted a $300 fee but I told him I could not pay then and there and if I could I would do so at a later point as I did not even get paid until the 1st of August. He has been... View More

Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley
answered on Aug 1, 2019

If he gave you the dog without requiring payment up front, with only your promise to pay in the future, then you did not commit theft or any criminal act. He may lie to the police, of course, but you have no control over that. All the facts you present support only a civil breach of contract for... View More

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