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Maryland Libel & Slander Questions & Answers
1 Answer | Asked in Personal Injury and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: How detailed should complaint for Slander be if filing in District Court. Make sure I'm not presenting argument.

I want to give enough detail so the judge knows I have a serious issue that needs the court's judgment but I do not want to be presenting arguement.

Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley answered on Oct 16, 2021

The cause of action in Maryland is called “defamation of character” and it encompasses both verbal (slander) and written (libel) defamatory statements. A sufficient statement of a cause of action requires that you allege sufficient facts to meet each element of the cause of action. You must... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Elder Law, Libel & Slander and Nursing Home Abuse for Maryland on
Q: I was involuntarily discharged skilled nursing. While I was getting emergency care

They are refusing to send paperwork to another so I can go to another

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Jan 24, 2021

I'm sorry this happened to you. A Maryland attorney could advise best, but your question remains open for a number of weeks. As a GENERAL matter nationwide, patient discharges are often one-sided decisions. The patient may have certain recourses such as appealing or working with a... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: Can a group home resident take pictures, inside the home, of another resident without permission and post on line?
Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Oct 26, 2020

This is really something that an attorney who deals with image rights, image usage, releases, invasion of privacy would know about - the copyright attorneys here probably know the most about this. But your question remains open for a month. Until you are able to speak with an attorney who is... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Juvenile Law and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: My 14 year old son was accused of sexual assault in the middle of class. After the investigation and no evidence the

court dropped the case. That is including no witnesses. Her parents petition and had it reopened. There is no new evidence and we moved from Maryland to Texas. At what point does this become harassment or slander? At the beginning of this we were upfront with the planned move. So it wasn't... Read more »

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Aug 29, 2020

A Maryland attorney should advise you on this, but your question remains open for two weeks and time is likely of the essence in any reply or appearance you might need to arrange for. While this is not something you don't already know, it would be advisable for you to consult with an attorney... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Landlord - Tenant and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: Good afternoon. This is a mix of landlord-tenant and person injury. I'm from the state of Maryland. Here are the basics

a/c not working

2. She came on the morning of July 21st with an HVAC tech. The HVAC tech told her there was a problem, but I don't know the full extent. All she told me was the coils needed to be replaced, because the unit is 25 years old that was impossible so I assume she was told... Read more »

Joseph D. Allen
Joseph D. Allen answered on Aug 6, 2020

It depends on what exactly the libel, fraud, and intimidation were, what the surrounding circumstances were, and what damages you incurred.

2 Answers | Asked in Libel & Slander and Civil Litigation for Maryland on
Q: Can I sue in Maryland for loss wages, attorney fee, emotional distress, slander, etc

Hi. I’m a 22 year old female who’s life was flipped

Upside down. My ex charged me with theft over 100k, embezzlement, and theft scheme after I broke up with him. I was indicted, arrested, and two years later my case was nolle prosequi.

My ex never told the state’s attorney... Read more »

Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley answered on Mar 29, 2020

Yes, you can sue. There are recognized "causes of action" that provide the legal basis for a recovery of damages (even though there may be several such grounds, you can only recover one set of damages). It's not so much proving the amount of damages, but collecting them if the... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: In your opinion are libel cases easy to win? Is it easier to win a libel case in the UK?
Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley answered on Sep 24, 2019

Depends on the facts. Some are easier to prove than others. Few are worth the time and money to pursue because damages are often difficult to establish in sufficient quantity to justify the effort. The UK has more favorable libel laws than the US if you are the person suing. You cannot sue in... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Libel & Slander and Juvenile Law for Maryland on
Q: A friend is a senior he did a senior prank and drew on car windows marking the year he graduates, cops were called later
William Jaksa
William Jaksa answered on Sep 9, 2019

A few issues here, there is a common-law defence of Prank available, a criminal lawyer should be able to find the relevant case law to assist. Also, your friend may want to consider some restitution to compensate the vehicle owners for any damage or costs. See the article below for more on... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Animal / Dog Law and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: Can animal control take a dog that was given to me to rehome?

A man on Craigslist who lives in VA was rehoming his German Shepherd due to allergies according to the ad. He originally wanted a $300 fee but I told him I could not pay then and there and if I could I would do so at a later point as I did not even get paid until the 1st of August. He has been... Read more »

Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley answered on Aug 1, 2019

If he gave you the dog without requiring payment up front, with only your promise to pay in the future, then you did not commit theft or any criminal act. He may lie to the police, of course, but you have no control over that. All the facts you present support only a civil breach of contract for... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: What does a business have to prove for a defamation case in an online review?
Joseph D. Allen
Joseph D. Allen answered on May 21, 2019

This is the general rule:

Four elements must be present for a plaintiff to establish a prima facie case of

defamation, including that: “(1) . . . the defendant made a defamatory statement to a third

person, (2) . . . the statement was false, (3) . . . the defendant was...
Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: I recently terminated an employee. That employee has filed false BBB claim and libelous posts to FB. Is this criminal

employee made false claims that I am a "drug popping addict" as I recently underwent major surgery and was taking prescribed medication. She filed BBB claim that I asked her and other employees to come to my house and get me dressed, which is insanity. Can I sue her and/or put her in... Read more »

Joseph D. Allen
Joseph D. Allen answered on Nov 29, 2018

It appears at first blush that the only potentially criminal action here would be the "gunning for [you]" comment- but that is susceptible to various interpretations. The rest is potentially a civil claim for defamation, but those cases are difficult and highly fact-specific. Another... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Libel & Slander and Business Law for Maryland on
Q: Hi there,I am a wedding photographer. On the day of a wedding I was suppose to shoot my husband and I were mugged.

We were taken to the hospital. My phone was one of the items stolen. I was not able to make it to the wedding or able to reach out to the couple until the next day. I agreed to pay the couple back in full due to the situation. The couple then went on every platform they could and wrote terrible... Read more »

Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley answered on May 15, 2018

Although truth is a defense to a claim of defamation, it is unclear what else your unhappy clients are telling people that might be actionable from a libel/defamation standpoint. There is also a basis to sue for “tortious interference with contractual business relations” if the disgruntled... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Car Accidents and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: traffic accident, involving a bump to another car, no damage to either car, but driver and son tried to claim injuries.

insurance company denied claim. I want to sue the driver and son for embarrassment, emotional distress, claiming fake injuries and filing fraudulent injury claims

Ronald V. Miller Jr.
Ronald V. Miller Jr. answered on Mar 23, 2018

You will never find a lawyer to take this claim and your chances of success are extremely low.

1 Answer | Asked in Personal Injury and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: Are all statements made under oath considered privileged statements

I'm thinking of filing a defamation suit

Cedulie Renee Laumann
Cedulie Renee Laumann answered on Dec 29, 2017

The question is unclear. No "privilege" attaches to a statement simply because it is made under oath. Many statements, including statements made for loan applications, for insurance applications, etc. will be made under oath.

If, however, the question wonders whether...
Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Employment Discrimination, Personal Injury and Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: Can I sue a company because it is retaliating against me by providing lies to future prospective employers?

Only because I left the company without giving notice, because I couldn't tolerate disparaging statements against my ethnicity?

Jonathan C. Puth
Jonathan C. Puth answered on Jun 27, 2017

If you complained of discrimination or harassment based on your ethnicity, yes, your employer may be held liable for retaliation if that's what motivated them to do so. The Supreme Court decided that issue in Robinson v. Shell Oil Co., 519 U.S. 337 (1997).

1 Answer | Asked in Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: i have quite a bazzar situation. can i sue the attorneys for deformation libel and slander?

i had a case that went on for a year in court... it went on and on despite uncountable amount of ethics and conduct violations and eventually all the petty lies from the opposing attorney harmed me enough to loose my case. it was 8 attorneys vrs. a pro se litigant, me. the lies have been about... Read more »

Ronald V. Miller Jr.
Ronald V. Miller Jr. answered on Apr 19, 2016

The real answer is I don't know because I don't know exactly what these lies are. But just generally speaking, this is a very tough claim to bring.

1 Answer | Asked in Libel & Slander for Maryland on
Q: Can a person be sued for telling an owner of a property that he saw a neighbor taking an object from his property?

The owner of the property asked the neighbor about his object and told the neighbor that a person told him about it.

The neighbor denied to have taken the object and threatened to sue the person who accused him.

The neighbor does not know what the person who accused him told the... Read more »

Robert Jason De Groot
Robert Jason De Groot answered on Oct 20, 2015

You have not given enough solid facts here for an answer in my opinion, other than perhaps a suit could be filed for defamation, but a lot more facts have to be known. Basically the neighbor would have to prove that the statement was false and was made with malice.

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